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Been Busy? No Problem, Here are Snippets of 10 Articles on Gold & Silver You Might Have Missed.

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Been busy? Not to worry. Here are introductory paragraphs and links to 10 of the “best of the best” articles on gold and silver that you might have missed reading. Each article has been edited for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure you a fast and easy read. Read just one or read them all. Enjoy!

By Lorimer Wilson, editor of www.munKNEE.com (Your Key to Making Money!) and www.FinancialArticleSummariesToday.com (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds).

1. Goldrunner: What We ‘Know’ & ‘Don’t Know’ About Where Gold, Silver and PM Stocks Are Going


One never knows exactly where Precious Metals are going so I always try to keep in mind a list of items that are probable based on the facts that are evident.  I call this “what we know” and “what we don’t know”  so let’s take a look what we “know” and “don’t know” at this point in time. Words: 872

2. Spend Your Bernanke Bux Now on PHYSICAL Gold & Silver! Here’s Why!


If Venezuela were any guide, we would have to say “Buy gold and silver, right here, right now!”…For those of you who hold Bernanke Bux, aka fiat paper, pay close attention. Those Venezuelan citizens who held paper Bolivars took a 46% hit on their purchasing power. Those citizens there who held gold and silver saw an equivalent 46% jump in their holdings.  If you think it cannot happen here, you are wrong.  It already has. Words: 295

3. With Gold Stocks Suffering So Badly Should You Sell Out or Buy In?

gold nugget

Gold stocks are down between 20% and 30% over the past year yet, in that same timeframe, the price of the gold has risen. As a result, sentiment toward gold stocks is pitiful. Even diehard gold bugs are tired of losing money in gold stocks and have been dumping their shares in disgust. This article discusses 4 main reasons I can think of why gold stocks might be so cheap. Words: 444

4. 5 Compelling Reasons Why It’s Now Time to Sell Gold


I recently explained my thesis for why gold’s 12-year winning streak will come to an end in 2013…[and] nearly a month into 2013, the case for selling gold is gaining strength. [This article puts forth 5 compelling reasons why it is now time to sell gold.] Words: 690 ; Charts: 2

5. I Will Not Turn Bullish On Gold Until 1 of 2 Things Happen


My forecast — despite all the hate mail and pressure I get to change  it — has not changed. Based on my systems and models, I will not turn bullish on gold until either spot gold has closed above $1,823 an ounce on a weekly and monthly  basis – or gold cracks the $1,527 level and plunges to the $1,400 level or a tad lower. I know that’s not what you want to hear. I know that you are as eager  as I am to see the next leg of gold’s bull market begin….[but its] time to shine is not here yet. It will come again so stay the course, build up your ammo, and be ready to pull the trigger when I issue a headline like “Back Up the Truck, NOW!”

6. Up or Down? Precious Metals At Important Crossroad


Precious Metals are now at an important crossroad….Over the last several quarters, this sector has under-performed against equities as well as bonds but that might change very soon [as it is at several key decision points as to whether it goes up or down. Let me explain.] Words: 1080; Charts: 10

7. 6 Weeks Ago I Projected That Gold Had One More Curve Ball to Throw Us & Here It Is!


Back on December 21st Toby Connor suggested that Gold probably had one more curveball to throw us before the final yearly cycle  bottom which would see it set a new low at around  $1630 a couple of weeks thereafter. Given the events of today Connor was right on the money, Below is a recap of that December article with rationale for his forecast. Words: 350

8. Past Bubble Movements Suggests a Parabolic Peak Price of $9,000 for Gold & $250 for Silver Is NOT Unreasonable – Take a Look


Bubbles tend to follow the 80/20 ratio indicated in the Pareto Principle where approximately 80% of the price move occurs in the LAST 20% of the time. That being the case it would appear that gold and silver could conceivably top out around $9,000 per troy ounce and $250/ozt respectively .This is not a prediction of future prices of gold and silver; it is an indication of what could happen in a speculative bubble environment based on the history of previous bubbles. Words: 1280; Charts: 1

9. A Plea From Jim Sinclair: You Are Being Played – Do NOT Give Up Your Gold!


The paper gold market is being used to shake the bullish tree harder this time than any time before because of what is to come.  Fear is the most powerful emotion in markets and it is being used perfectly to enrich the grand names of finance at your expense. We are right in front of that time when the market performs a classic bottom both in shares and physical. From this point gold is going to and through $3500 [so] if you are unable to buy at this time there is one thing you can do – to get into the fight and out of the stands. That act is do nothing, and do not capitulate. Let them play the price game, but give them nothing whatsoever of yours. Words: 758

 10. Which Should I Own – Physical Gold or a Gold ETF?


There are many tools available to buy gold, which is the bedrock of any portfolio. These include coins, bars, futures contracts, certificates, options, and what has recently perhaps become the most popular instrument of all, the gold exchange-traded fund – the so-called ETF – but which of these many tools is the right one for you?

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