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“Follow Me” Says Analyst Who Claims a String of +500% Winners in the Junior Mining Sector Over the Past 10 Years (+2K Views)

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…Even in these challenging times there have been many great winners in the natural resource sector. I have been fortunate, lucky or smart to have racked up some nice gains through the years. I have been consistently picking winners, big winners, monster winners for years – a string of 10 years of 500% plus winners and more, sometimes much more, year after year – …[so] my message to you is simple: follow me! Your only question should be “Which of my current positions will be the next big winners?” Words: 804; Table: 1

So writes Dudley Pierce Baker ( and in edited excerpts from a rather promotional and immodest newsletter* release entitled Can Your Advisor or Newsletter Writer Match These Returns?.

 This article is presented compliments of (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds) and (Your Key to Making Money!) and may have been edited ([ ]), abridged (…) and/or reformatted (some sub-titles and bold/italics emphases) for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read. Please note that this paragraph must be included in any article re-posting to avoid copyright infringement.

Baker goes on to say in further edited comments:

“…Until recently I [had] not taken [the] time to schedule out for you my top investment gains. Below are my actual numbers and top returns from 2003 through 2012 which…[were] taken directly from my U.S. Federal Tax Returns for 2002 through 2012.

While I had a gut feeling…[that I had] some investment successes through the years [it was not] until I saw the final schedule below that I realized that, “hey, I am doing great here”. I have been consistently picking winners, big winners, monster winners for years – a string of 10 years of 500% plus winners [27 in total] and more [4 up over 1,000%], sometimes much more [1 up 2,158.1%], year after year.

    Top Performance Scorecard
           Years: 2002 – 2012
         Acquired             Sold     %
Company Date     Cost       Date Cost Gains
Coeur d’Alene 10-Oct-2001 $0.83 12-Sep-2002 $1.61   94.0%
Bema Gold 10-Oct-2001  $0.44 12-Sep-2002 $1.23  182.1%
Alamos Gold 24-Oct-2001 $0.22 6-May-2003 $0.73  231.8%
Geocom 20-Jun-2003 $1.13 22-Sep-2003 $3.00  165.5%
Andean America 3-Oct-2001 $0.17 2-Jul-2003 $1.31  684.4%
Bema Gold 10-Oct-2001 $0.44 14-Oct-2003 $2.73  527.6%
Alamos Gold 24-Oct-2001 $0.22 5-Nov-2003 $1.90  779.6%
Orsa Ventures 5-Oct-2001 $0.11 10-Nov-2003  $1.39 1211.3%
Endeavour Mining 20-Jun-2003 $1.50 15-Jan-2004 $3.08  105.3%
Alamos Gold 24-Oct-2001 $0.22 2-Mar-2004 $1.93  793.5%
Bema Gold 10-Oct-2001 $0.40 26-Apr-2004 $2.87  624.7%
Consolidated Puma 1-Dec-2001 $0.09 28-Jan-2005 $0.74  770.6%
Northern Cont’l Res. 1-Nov-2003 $0.10 5-Oct-2005 $0.53  430.0%
Endeavour Mng Wts 21-Oct-2004 $0.99 4-Dec-2006 $2.69  171.2%
International Enexco 20-Sep-2004 $0.17 19-Apr-2006 $1.11  568.7%
Desert Sun Wts 13-Sep-2004 $0.40 3-Apr-2006 $3.65  821.7%
International Enexco 20-Sep-2004 $0.17 23-May-2006 $1.05  517.6%
Northern Cont’l Res. 20-Nov-2003 $0.10 10-Jan-2006 $0.47  375.5%
SXR Uranium 19-Aug-2004 $3.74 4-Dec-2006 $12.16  225.1%
Yamana Gold Wts 13-Sep-2004 $0.39 17-Jul-2006 $4.25  989.7%
Rio Narcea Wts 5-Apr-2006 $0.26 22-Mar-2007 $0.91  256.9%
JNR Resources 3-Apr-2006 $1.00 16-Apr-2007 $3.65  265.0%
Northern Orion Wts 3-Mar-2005 $0.62 29-Jun-2007 $1.73  178.5%
Silver Wheaton Wts 14-Jul-2005 $0.24 26-Oct-2007 $2.02  741.7%
Hathor Exploration 4-Dec-2007 $0.66 3-Mar-2008 $2.13  222.7%
Metallica Res Wts 14-Jul-2005 $0.27 31-Mar-2008 $2.95  992.6%
Quaterra Resources 29-Sep-2005 $0.33 20-May-2008 $3.65  1006.1%
Brett Resources 2-Jan-2009 $0.65 15-Dec-2009 $1.60  146.2%
Eagle Rock Explor 4-May-2009 $0.06 23-Sep-2009 $0.32  471.4%
Evolving Gold 22-Jan-2009 $0.25   15-Jul–2009 $1.65  573.5%
Northern Cont’l Res. 9-Mar-2009 $0.06 1-May-09 $0.15  150.0%
Silver Wheaton Wt U 10-Mar-2009 $1.15 7-May-09 $2.51  118.3%
Wild Stream Explor 4-May-2009 $1.70 29-Dec-09 $4.11  141.8%
Bonterra Resources 12-May-2010 $0.13 17-Dec-2010 $0.33  153.8%
Arsensal Energy 19-Jul-2009 $0.22 19-Mar-2010 $0.89  302.3%
Excelsior Energy 3-Sep-2009 $0.11 14-Sep-2010 $0.35  218.2%
Brett Resources 4-Aug-2009 $0.87 22-Mar-2010 $2.68  208.0%
Silver Quest 6-Oct-2009 $0.30 7-Sep-2010 $0.95  222.0%
Terrance Met. Wts 20-Sep-2007 $0.17 9-Jul-2010 $0.39  129.4%
Arian Silver 7-Oct-2008 $0.08 12-Nov-2010 $0.45  456.3%
Dundee P. M. Wts 22-Apr-2010 $1.30 26-Nov-2010 $5.30  307.7%
Pelangio Explor 24-Nov-2008 $0.04 9-Sep-2010 $0.46  1200.0%
Tradewinds Ventures 20-Dec-2007 $0.05 12-Nov-2010 $0.32  540.0%
Aurcana Corp. 14-Sep-2010 $0.26 23-Feb-2011 $0.91  256.9%
Arian Silver 7-Apr-2010 $0.09 19-Jan-2011 $0.78  747.8%
Donnybrook Energy 7-Jul-2010 $0.13 13-Jan-2011 $0.51  308.0%
Excellon Resources 29-Aug-2009 $0.14 13-Jan-2011 $1.14  693.7%
Great Panther Silver 4-Dec-2007 $1.10 13-Jan-2011 $2.36  114.5%
Great Panther Silver 29-Oct-2008 $0.36 16-Mar-2011 $3.95  997.2%
Soltoro Ltd 27-Aug-2009 $0.33 17-Aug-2011 $1.35  315.4%
US Silver Wts 7-Aug-2009 $0.09 20-Jan-2011 $0.45  400.0%
New Gold Wts A 4-Nov-2008 $0.27 1-Feb-2012 $4.09  1424.3%
New Gold Wts A 19-Nov-2008 $0.16 2-Apr-2012 $3.50  2158.1%
Pelangio Explor 10-Jun-2010 $0.17 2-Apr-2012 $0.40  142.4%
Primero Wts 11-Jul-2011 $0.76 5-Oct-2012 $1.42  86.8%
Sandstorm Gold Wts 28-Jan-2010 $0.21 13-Aug-2012 $1.22  481.0%
Sandstorm Gold Wts 19-Apr-2011 $0.54 13-Aug-2012 $1.24  129.6%
US Silver Wts 7-Aug-2009 $0.09 24-May-2012 $0.35  288.9%


[While] I have had my share of losers, (…picking resource shares…is a challenge and I would guess that for every 10 picks 2 or 3 will be net losers) that’s the nature of investing in the natural resource sector – everyone has – but on balance I am ahead, way ahead, from investing in this volatile and speculative sector.

It is difficult for me to assess the overall performance in my portfolio, as I, probably like you, add more funds from time to time to my brokerage accounts or withdraw some funds, so it can be virtually impossible for me to tell you exactly how I have done on a percentage basis each year. [That being said,] what I can tell you is that:

  • since the beginning of the bull market in gold in 2001 my investment account balances have increased approximately 4,650% as of February 1, 2013… [Incidentally, that works out to a 42% cumulative rate of return.]
  • the results of my overall performance would have been 7,400% if I had presented my performance results in January 2011 as we are basically now at the lowest prices for resource shares as measured by the HUI and XAU indices…[and] my portfolio was over 50% higher in value back then.

As I have said above, I’ve had losses, sometimes…hundreds of thousands of dollars, because I listened to the advice of someone else or another newsletter [regarding] hedging positions, selling short, put options, call options etc. which, admittedly, are not my expertise….However, when I stick to what I do best, picking the best opportunities available in the resource sector which have the potential for 500% to 1,000% gains, I do well, really well….I have been successful because of my money management skills and overall stock selections where my winners greatly outperform ny losing positions.

The ultimate objective for me and all investors is to finish the race as big net winners. I have accomplished this and frankly, I believe the big gains are still in front of us. Folks, my message for you is simple: follow me! Your only question should be which of my current positions will be the next big winners.”

Editor’s Note: The author’s views and conclusions are unaltered and no personal comments have been included to maintain the integrity of the original article. Furthermore, the views, conclusions and any recommendations offered in this article are not to be construed as an endorsement of such by the editor.

* (Written by: Dudley Baker; Copyright 2011; All Rights Reserved; In my service I present to all subscribers my Top 40 Positions many of which have the potential to also achieve these 500% to 1,000% winners. If you are not a current subscriber I invite you to visit my web site and join me now.)


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