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Articles on Gold & Silver, the Economy and Investing From Under The Radar

There are so many articles – good and bad – available to read on the internet it is impossible to read them all.Your-key-to-making-Money Many go under the radar because either the title of the article (an extremely important component) is insufficiently catchy to garner one’s attention or, on the particular day they are posted, other articles come to the fore. Below are 8 – still very timely – articles you probably missed.

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1. Comparison of Past & Present Performance of Dow Is Meaningless! Here’s Why

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Every time the number of, or specific constituent, companies change in the Dow index any comparison of the new index value with the old index value is impossible to make with any validity whatsoever. It is like comparing the taste of a cocktail of fruits when the number of different fruits and their distinctive flavours – keep changing. Furthermore, because of the application of the ever changing Dow Divisor, we are always comparing a basket of today’s apples with a basket of yesterday’s pears. Read More »

2. Investment Truths: “Does a 10% Loss + a 10% Gain Put You Back to Even?” & 29 Other Insights

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Here’s my list of the most common errors investors make and some related maxims. Read More »

3. Can I Include Physical Gold & Silver in My IRA?

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I have an IRA. How can I invest in gold and silver? It is quite easy! Yes, I am talking about actual physical gold and silver, not “paper” gold, or certificates, or paper promises. Words: 621 Read More »

4. Retirement for Most Americans Is Largely a Mirage – Here’s Why

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With defined benefit pension plans slowly going extinct and Americans not saving enough for retirement it is becoming tougher for Americans to retire and is setting the stage for a retirement disaster… Read More »

5. Bitcoin Will Trade for Under $10 by June 30, 2014!

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Do you focus almost solely on the present? Do you assume tomorrow will be just like today? Do you think that just because your current behavior regarding debt has not created trouble or hardship thus far, that it won’t tomorrow or on into the future? Would you not be able to get by if debt/credit were outlawed? Really?? Then you’re an economic zombie – or perhaps even an economic idiot! Read More »

7. ETF & Index Funds Are the SMART Way to Invest – Here’s Proof

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Which type of behavior is most associated with negative returns and to what degree? This article isolates 2 specific bad behaviors that hurt investor returns most and recommends how such shortcomings can easily be avoided. Read More »

8. Here’s How to Choose Gold & Silver Stocks With the GREATEST Chance of Major Returns

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Which gold/silver mining companies own quality undeveloped gold and silver deposits in safe stable countries – and are extremely well managed? Such companies offer exceptional value in that they provide the best exposure to a rising precious metals price environment. Below are a number of things to look for when considering an investment in such companies. Read More »