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Where Does Your Country Rank?

No two countries are alike as the ranking of 12 of various attributes of the major countries in the world show below.

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1. Where Does Your Country’s Currency Rank?

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Canada’s housing market is the most expensive in the world – 60% overvalued by historical standards – and one simple reason explains it. Read More »

3. Taxes Vary Dramatically Around the World – How Does Your Country Compare?

Compared with Ireland, where the individual tax rate is a whopping 48%, the U.S. national average of 36.9% is not so bad. How does your country compare? Read More »

4. Facts & Figures About Gas/Petrol Consumption & Prices by Country & More

Despite an influx of vehicles that are 46% more fuel-efficient than they were in 1980,oil-and-gas the average American household spent almost $3,000 (or about 4% of their pre-tax income – the highest proportion in history) on gasoline. Find out how your country compares with other countries of the world. Read More »

5. Where Does U.S. Credit-worthiness Rank Among Other Countries?

Leading up to the short term resolution of the debt ceiling crisis there were many articles about the extent of the national debt of the U.S.. the likelihood of default and, as such, the overall credit-worthiness of the once proud U.S. of A. The fact is, however, that while the U.S. does not rank in the top 10, it is far more financially sound than most other countries. Take a look at where it ranks compared to 47 other countries. Read More »

6. Who Are the World’s Happiest Citizens? Where Does Your Country Rank?

According to the 2nd annual World Happiness Report of the Earth Institute, sponsored by the UN, Canada slipped to 6th place among the world’s happiest countries, Australia ranked 10th and the U.S. dropped down to below that of its neighbours to the south including Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico. Where does your country rank? Read on! Read More »

7.  Where Does Your Country Rank in Gold Reserves per Person?

The country with the biggest reserves in the world is, not surprisingly, America, with 8,134 tonnes but, expressed in terms of reserves per person, the picture looks very different. Take a look. You’ll be surprised. Read More »

8. Country Risk Ratings Ranked 1 – 47

Precious metal miners operate in a large variety of countries and our interest in these mining companies on the one hand and country risk exposure on the other led us to compile a comprehensive list of jurisdictions of concern to precious metal investors….[numbering 47 in total. All 47 countries are ranked below]. Read More »

9. Where Does Your Country Rank as “Best” in World to Live?

Canadians are the second happiest group in the world, after Australia, according to the results of a new study in which citizens of 34 countries were able to rate their own country on the things that made them feel they were experiencing a happy life. Where do the United Kingdom and the United States rank themselves? Read on! Words: 517 Read More »

10. Where Do U.S. Bonds Rank in Safety Compared to Other Countries? Not 1st, Not 5th, Not 10th, Not 12th, But…

Natixis, the French investment bank and asset manager has determined that the safest country – the country whose bonds are really risk-free – is Sweden, the only one to score a perfect 5. Where do the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and other major countries rank. Take a look. Read More »

11. Where Does Your Country Rank in List of Strongest & Weakest Countries in the World?

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This report gives you our latest Weiss Ratings for the weakest and strongest countries in the world. Only sovereign countries with stellar scores in four major areas — debt burdens, international stability, economic health and market acceptance — merit a grade of A- or better. Only countries that demonstrate severe and/or consistent weaknesses in the four areas receive a grade of D+ or lower. Currently, the data show that the U.S. government does not fall into either category. We rate it… Words: 1434 Read More »

12. World’s Most Prosperous Countries: Where Do the U.S., Canada and Others Rank?

The Legatum Prosperity Index survey, as shown in the following table, ranks countries on eight different attributes, and then consolidates those attributes into an ‘overall ranking’. The report says that the U.S. has fallen out of the top 10 (to #12) in the ‘most prosperous country ranking’ increasing doubts about the health of its economy and ability of its politicians. Read the balance of the article to see where your country is ranked overall and in each of the 8 different categories. Words: 520 Read More

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  1. Think of this as the Fiscal Food Chain,
    Far better to be at or near the top than at the bottom!