Friday , 1 December 2023

Are Major Changes In Demographic & Economic Factors Of Modern Consumer Affecting Your Investments?

…According to a recent report by Deloitte, the modern consumer is becoming increasingly distinct from those of years past so for us to truly understand how these changes will affect the marketplace and our investments, we need to rethink and update our image of the modern consumer. Here are three ways the new consumer is different than in years past:

How the Modern Consumer is Different

The modern consumer base is more diverse, but also must deal with increased financial pressures and a delayed start in achieving traditional milestones of adulthood. These demographic and economic factors ultimately have a ripple effect down to businesses and investors. How do these big-picture changes impact your business or investments?

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  1. The things that impress me about this selection of articles are that:
    > while gold/silver are presently affordable, half of Americans, living from paycheck to paycheck (and with half of them buying essentials on credit) can’t afford to hedge against economic crisis by buying precious metal;
    > while many might cheer rising prices for gold and silver, any dramatic escalation in precious metal prices would signal a terrible recessionary or depressionary period for most people;
    > while college education was once the step one took to affluence, it has become a debt that skilled workers may be fortunate not to have and that
    > personal debt, will for many, be a lifelong burden, a debtors prison, that denies them the affluence they sought when they enrolled in college.