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A Summary of Graham Summers’ Articles About the Coming Collapse of the EU, the Euro and Europe’s Banking System (+2K Views)


No one seems to understand what is happening in Europe the way Graham Summers does and, as such, his insightful articles keep appearing on this site as the best choice to convey the message. Below are introductory paragraphs to each of 12 articles with hyperlinks to each should you wish to read any in their entirety.

By: Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!).

You visit this site because you appreciate the quality and informative nature of the articles and the edited excerpt approach of providing articles in a concise and clear manner to provide you with a fast and easy read each and every time. Below are just some of those written by Graham Summers:

1. Graham Summers: This Is What Is REALLY Happening In Europe!


I’ve often been labeled as “Gloom and Doom” in the past, but the situation in Europe today is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. It is highly likely that the EU will not exist in its current form by the end of the year. I realize some of this may sound overly dramatic but the following should give you an idea of how serious things are getting: [Words: 715]

2. Coming Collapse of the EU Banking System Will Bring About Collapse of Entire Western Financial System!


We are facing a crisis in Europe that is far, far worse than 2008. [It is so bad that,] before it ends, it is quite possible that we will see the entire western financial system collapse and a new system put into place. Words: 912

3. Europe Heading Towards a Full-scale Disaster – Here’s Why


Europe is heading into a full-scale disaster [because,] you see, the debt problems in Europe are not simply related to Greece. They are SYSTEMIC. The European banking system’s leverage levels alone position Europe for a full-scale banking collapse on par with Lehman Brothers. Again, I’m talking about Europe’s ENTIRE banking system collapsing. This is not a question of “if,” it is a question of “when” and it will very likely happen before the end of 2012. Words: 750

4. European Union Will Collapse Before the End of 2012: This is NOT Doom & Gloom – This IS Reality!


5. The Euro System is Doomed and the End Will Look Like This


In every economic crisis there comes a moment of clarity. In Europe soon, millions of people will wake up to realize that the euro-as-we-know-it is gone. Economic chaos awaits them. [Let us explain why that is the case and how it will come about.] Words: 680

6. Here’s the “No BS” Situation with Europe – and Its BAD!


7. Graham Summers: Collapse of Europe is Guaranteed! Here’s Why


I continue to see articles in the media claiming that Europe’s problems are solved. Either the folks writing these articles can’t do simple math, or they don’t bother actually reading any of the political news coming out of Europe [so let me present 3 data points that guarantee Europe will collapse at some point in the near future]. Words: 722

 8. When EU Crisis Hits France This Autumn – Germany Will Walk! – Here’s Why


The future of the eurozone all boils down to Germany. I’ve been forecasting for months that Germany will increasingly focus on domestic interests and that it will ultimately opt to leave the Euro rather than prop up the EU. The former (focusing on domestic issues) is already underway and I believe the latter will occur once the EU Crisis spreads to France which I expect to happen before autumn. At that point, it’s game over for any notion of the current EU lasting because Germany will walk! [Let me explain further.] Words: 675

9. Germany Could Initiate the Collapse of the European Union Within Months – Here’s Why


As many of you know, my primary forecast regarding Europe is that the EU will be broken up and/or collapse within the coming months. The reasons for this are financial, monetary and political in nature [with much of the latter dependant on what happens in Germany. Let me explain.] Words: 516

10. Graham Summers: Spain Has Brought Europe to the Point of NO Return – Here’s Why


11. Graham Summers: Spain’s Fiscal Problems Will Result in Collapse of European Union! Here’s Why


On the surface, Spain’s debt woes have many things in common with those of Greece – bad age demographics and a toxic bank system – but you’ll note that, as we tackle each of these, Spain is in fact in far worse fiscal shape than Greece. [Let’s take a look.] Words: 700

12. Spain is an Absolute Disaster! Here’s Why


Spain is an absolute disaster on a level that [it seems] few, if any, analysts can even grasp. [Let me try to.] Words: 428