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Potential Risks That Could Impact Business Internationally

Every year, the World Economic Forum releases an updated list of the top risksrisk to business based on its survey to 750 members of the organization’s global multi-stakeholder community. Today’s charts and graphics from Raconteur sum up the essentials of this year’s Global Risks report to provide a neat and tidy introduction to the potential pitfalls that could impact markets around the globe.

By Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist (The article has been slightly edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) by the editorial team at to provide a faster and easier read.)

Most Likely Global Risks By Region

Global Risks To Business

Top 10 Global Risks to Business by Impact – sorted by potential severity:

Global Risks To Business

Global Risks of Highest Concern – for the next 18 months

Global Risks To Business

Societal, geopolitical, and economic risks take center stage.

Global Risks of Highest Concern – for the next 10 years

Global Risks To Business

It’s all environmental and societal, with concerns about food, peak water, and the climate dominating the bunch.

Global Risks to Business Over Time – in terms of likelihood

…The following graphic shows how the top risks by likelihood, and how the list has evolved from 2012 until today:

Global Risks To Business

From Raconteur: “Geopolitical and societal risks topped the list of concerns…with 79.4% citing state collapse or crisis, interstate conflict and failure of national governance as causing the greatest concern over the next 18 months. With its close relevance to geopolitical risk, 52% were concerned about the widespread ramifications arising from large-scale involuntary migration. The findings give some indication of how…business can be disrupted by geopolitical events at home or abroad, clearly a primary concern for business leaders.”

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