Friday , 21 June 2024

Your Retirement: What Happens If the Gov’t Doesn’t Get Its Act Together?

I recently discovered a video entitled 10 Myths About Government Debt that lays out several reasons why we are in real trouble. I encourage you to watch this 21 minute video.

The most troubling assertion in the video is that our nation’s usual sources of loans are tapped out…[and that] the only source we have left is the Federal Reserve, which means printing money.

The current U.S. money supply is $3.4 trillion and our current budget deficit is $1.1 trillion, so funding the entire deficit with newly printed money will increase the money supply by 33%. At the same time, $4 trillion in Quantitative Easing is being gradually unwound (removed from bank vaults), an event that…could create serious inflation because there’s a multiplier effect — $4 trillion in new money can lead to $40 trillion in circulation.

What can we do?

Inflation is a tax on dollar denominated savings, so a sensible protection is to save in other forms like a basket of:

  • Treasury Inflation Protection Securities (TIPS),
  • Precious metals,
  • and real estate.

…What do you think is going to happen to your retirement if the government doesn’t get its act together?

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