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“Seed-to-Sale” Pot Stocks Index DOWN -33.7% in 2021! Yes, -33.7%!


The munKNEE Pure-Play “Seed-to-Sale” Pot Stocks Index went DOWN -33.7% in 2021 with the Canadian LPs segment going DOWN -48.2% and the American MSOs segment going DOWN -28.3%. Below are the specifics by constituent per sector.

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The “Seed-to-Sale” Pot Stocks Index consists of the 23 non-ancillary (i.e. pure-play) vertically integrated cannabis companies whose stocks trade for at least US$1/share, have a market cap of at least US$300M and trade on one or more of the Canadian and/or American stock exchanges. Six of the 23 index constituents that meet that criteria are Canadian Licensed Producers (LPs) and 17 are American Multi-State Operators (MSOs), and those 23 companies represent 10% of the total universe of 218 cannabis and ancillary companies currently trading.

The munKNEE Pure-Play Canadian LP Pot Stock Index

Note that each constituent has hyperlinks to 3 areas of additional information which are imperative for any individual considering investing in this sector:

  • The company name is hyperlinked to its web site to provide you with a description of the company and an analysis of its stock.
  • The trading symbol is hyperlinked to additional financial data and commentary on the company (where available).
  • The percentage change in 2121 is hyperlinked to a chart of the company’s stock performance over the past 12 months.

The “financial distress” percentage is sourced from macroaxis.com (visit the site and type in the stock symbol to obtain detailed financial data on the health of the company) and the articles hyperlinked are sourced from Stone Fox Capital and/or Technical420 and provide analyses/commentaries on most of the constituents below to help a potential investor with insights into the burgeoning, yet volatile, cannabis sector.

Below is how the Canadian Licensed Producer constituents performed in 2021, in descending order:

  1. Organigram (OGI): +31.6%
  2. Tilray (TLRY): 14.9% 
  3. Aurora (ACB): -34.9% 
  4. Cronos (CRON): -43.5%
  5. Canopy Growth (CGC): -64.6%; yes, -64.6%!
  6. Hexo (HEXO): -81.0%; that is not a misprint!
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The munKNEE Pure-Play American MSO Pot Stock Index 

Below is how the American Multi-State Operator constituents performed in 2021, in descending order:

  1. Goodness Growth (GDNSF): +15.5%
  2. 4Front Ventures (FFNTF): +11.0%
  3. Gage (GAGE): -6.2% (being acquired by TerrAscend)
  4. Green Thumb (GTBIF): -9.6%
  5. Trulieve (TCNNF): -18.2%
  6. Curaleaf (CURLF): -24.8%
  7. Ascend Wellness (AAWH): -30.8%
  8. Cresco (CRLBF): -32.4%
  9. Ayr Wellness (AYRWF): -36.2%
  10. Valens (VLNS): -37.2%
    • Has a 50% chance of going through some form of financial distress in the next two years
  11. TerrAscend (TRSSF): -39.1%
  12. Jushi (JUSHF): -44.5%
  13. Acreage (ACRDF/ACRHF): -45.1%
  14. Planet 13 (PLNHF): -47.0%
    • Has about a 25% chance of experiencing some form of financial distress in the next two years of operation
  15. Verano (VRNOF): -47.6%
  16. Columbia Care (CCHWF): -52.7%
  17. Charlotte’s Web (CWBHF): -69.1%

There you have it: the Canadian LPs segment won the race to the bottom, going DOWN -48.2% in 2021 compared to the American MSOs segment which went DOWN “only” -28.3% in 2021.

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