Monday , 2 October 2023

World’s 10 Largest Economies Changing Rapidly – Will America Remain #1?

You won’t be able to tell the story of the 21st century without India and Chinaeconomy2 as its main protagonists. Just look at the numbers in the two animated charts [provided in this article].

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…The two animated charts [below], published earlier this year by Swedish data-visualization designer Aron Strandberg, show China’s and India’s economic growth from the 1970s to their predicted levels in 2030.

  • Neither China nor India appear in the world’s top economies in the chart until the 1990s, when China first emerges as a tiny blip and then zooms up the chart past Europe’s traditional economic titans and Japan. India jumps into the frame by the late 2000s.

download-2 download1

By the end of the next decade, China and India, along with the United States, will rank as the world’s top three economies…

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