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Which Countries are Most Risky for Mining/Oil and Gas Companies? Here's the List

The Behre Dolbear Group has recently published its annual comparative country risk assessment of twenty-five countries that host the global mining industry. [If you own, or are thinking of buying, stocks of companies in this sector print, then I suggest you give the Report your full attention and pass this commentary on to friends, acquaintances and colleagues interested in the Resource Sector, and to your Investment Advisor. Words: 437

So says Ian R. Campbell of in excerpts from his latest Economic & Resource Stocks Commentary (subscription required). (Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!), has edited his comments below for length and clarity. This paragraph must be included in any article re-posting to avoid copyright infringement.)

Campbell goes on to write:

If you don’t believe in the increased importance of Country Risk, read Mali miners’ shares fall over coup. Source: The International Resource Journal, March 22, 2012. Reading time 2 minutes.

According to the Behre Dolbear Report*:

  • Australia, Canada, and Chile – in that ranking order – top the list as least risky;
  • Brazil, Mexico and the United States are 4th through 6th (of 25) respectively;
  • Democratic Republic of Congo, Bolivia and Russia are 23rd through 25th respectively; and,
  • arithmetically by aggregate score, taking account of all categories of risk as perceived by Behre Dolbear, Russia (#25 – most risky) is 3.56 times riskier than Australia (#1 – least risky).

The Behre Dolbear Report, comprising 13 printed pages, rates countries in the contexts of their:

  • Economic systems;
  • Political systems;
  • Social issues;
  • Permitting delays;
  • Corruption;
  • Currency stability; and,
  • Tax regimes.

My Comments: The ever increasing relevance of Social Corporate Responsibility and Country Risk to company risk assessment and company share value requires escalated attention and due diligence on the part of:

  • resource sector directors and executives;
  • company analysts;
  • financial advisors; and,
  • investors, speculators, and traders.

If you participate in those sectors print, read and think about this Report. I suggest you pass this e-mail, or other notice of this Report, on to friends, acquaintances and colleagues interested in the Resource Sectors, and to your Investment Advisor as well.

*Read: 2012 Ranking of Countries for Mining Investment or Where “Not to Invest” (see PDF link on Home Page of the Behre Dolbear website). Source Behre Dolbear, 2012. Reading time 25 minutes, thinking time much longer.

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