Sunday , 21 April 2024

We Live In An Unreal World That Will Come To A Very Abrupt End (+3K Views)

We live in an unreal world with unreal prices based on unreal (fake) money and this is why it will allescape-from-gold-market come to a very abrupt end. That time could start at any time. Fundamentally it must happen. Here’s why.

The comments above & below are edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) excerpts from the original written by Egon von Greyerz (

Larger Debts Are Coming

Every single major government is running deficits and increasing debts exponentially.

  • The U.S. hasn’t had a budget surplus for over 50 years and has no intention of repaying the debt. Similar with many nations.
  • I cannot for the life of me understand how any investor can buy government bonds at zero percent yield that will not and cannot ever be repaid with real money. The only way to repay the debt is to print more money but that will make the debt larger and not smaller and also make the money worthless.  [Check out – Register for chance to win an iPad Pro!]

The Coming “Great Financial Disaster”

The world has never before in history been in a position when all economies are bankrupt simultaneously. The debt and deficit trap exists in every major nation, Japan, Europe, USA, China and all emerging markets and that is why the coming collapse will be “The Great Financial Disaster”. There will be no government and no power that can save the world. Thus, fundamentally, the collapse must happen. It is only a question of when.

The World’s Stock Markets Will Crash

Fundamentals don’t help us with timing but technicals and cycles can do. There is now a confluence of these indicators that point to:

  • an imminent fall of stock markets of probably 20-25% worldwide – and that is just the beginning and
  • a drop in stocks by 75-95% and many bonds becoming worthless before the biggest debt and asset bubble in history has imploded totally which will take a few years, maybe 5-6 and maybe longer.

What the trigger will be is of course impossible to say. With a fragile system in disequilibrium, very little is needed. It is that last snowflake that creates the avalanche. Will it be a bank going under, bad economic news or a catastrophic geopolitical event? All are possible.

Precious Metals – The Ultimate Wealth Preservation

With unprecedented risk in the world, wealth preservation will be critical to avoid a total destruction of assets. The likely scenario in the next few years is initially massive money printing worldwide in a futile attempt by governments to save the world but that will fail this time.

We have reached a point when it is not possible to push on the string any further. The coming colossal money printing will:

  • lead to hyperinflation first but as soon as the world discovers that what caused the problem cannot also be applied as the remedy,
  • there will be a deflationary implosion of assets and debts.

Physical gold and some silver stored outside the banking system will be one of the few ways to preserve wealth…


The coming years will not be easy. I wrote an article a few years ago called “The Dark Years Are Here” and I now really think they are imminent. These will be difficult times for most of us. At least the privileged few who have some savings have a chance to preserve these by owning physical gold and silver.

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