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von Greyerz: Expanding Central Bank Balance Sheets Guarantee Massively Higher Inflation & Gold/Silver Prices – Here's Why

I am astonished to see how much money the central banks are printing and how their balance sheets are expanding. We have the absolute perfect recipe for hyperinflation and thus a massive increase in the price of gold and silver.

So said Egon von Greyerz ( in edited excerpts from an interview* with King World News.

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von Greyerz went on to say, in part:

It’s not just the ECB balance sheet that’s gone up in the last six months or even the last three months by hundreds of billions of dollars. It’s the same with the Fed, Bank of Japan, The Bank of England and the Swiss National Bank. They are all exploding. This can lead to only one thing –  an explosion higher in gold and silver prices and the beginning of the massive inflation, which will lead to hyperinflation. Unfortunately, the market seems to be totally ignorant of this.

Regarding the Fed

The recent Fed action is totally consistent with what we’ve said for some time. The Fed knows they have to continue to print money and they will print unlimited amounts of money. On top of this, the U.S. is not taking any measures whatsoever to cut down on spending.

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Every year the Fed is printing between $1.5 trillion and $2 trillion. As you know, just during President Obama’s term the debt in the U.S. has gone up by about $4.5 trillion. This is about 30% of total borrowing in the U.S. It’s just incredible and it’s accelerating – but they are not the only central bank doing this. The ECB is in the same mess…

Regarding Gold

The move in gold, so far, looks extremely good. I’m always pleased that we don’t have a straight move up, although I do think we will have faster moves higher in the not too distant future. This is strong action with small corrections.

I think that within the next couple of months we will certainly be touching $1,900 and continuing higher from there. I don’t think $1,900 will be a stopping point for very long.

Regarding Silver

I really like the action of silver. Silver still hasn’t broken out like gold has, but I can see $37 being taken out within the next 30 days and then we will just start flying from there. It won’t take long to get up to $50 again.”…

Regarding Mining Shares

Regarding mining shares, I like them here. We’ve started buying them. We prefer physical bullion, but we’ve now started buying mining shares because they are massively undervalued and they will move a lot faster than the metals…


[As I said at the top of the article the actions of the central banks around the world] can lead to only one thing – an explosion higher in gold and silver prices and the beginning of the massive inflation, which will lead to hyperinflation.


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