Monday , 2 October 2023

U.S. Dollar: Current Situation & Projections For Its Future (+2K Views)

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…A large chunk of U.S. companies’ business takes place abroad, and fluctuations in dollar strength affect their profits in a variety of ways…and have a profound impact on how trade is done globally…[Below is a] highly informative infographic from Fortunly…on the current state of the greenback. It will also provide you with a short history of the currency and some projections for the future. Enjoy!

The almighty dollar is still the currency of choice in most of the world’s markets, with 65% of all dollars in circulation outside of the U.S.A. …and high exchange rates for the dollar have a profound impact on how trade is done globally, with the world economy depending on the American currency now more than ever…

Below is an infographic on all you need to know about the rising USD:

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