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Given the hectic lives most people lead these days there is not much time to surf the internet in search of informative and well-written articles on the health of the economies of the U.S., Canada and Europe; the development and implications of the world’s financial crisis and the various investment opportunities that present themselves related to commodities (gold and silver in particular) and the stock market. Not to worry! I have done it for you. I read hundreds of articles each day, select the best and post edited excerpt summaries on – Your Key to Making Money. Below are introductory paragraphs and links to the top 10 for the week ending November 19th, 2011.  

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1. The Dollar is Toast! The Future is Silver


Psychologists tell us that there are five stages of grief over loss of whatever kind, usually death, or breaking up with a loved one, which are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. I’ve applied these to the loss of the dollar, as I see most people today are still stuck in denial, and here’s how to deal with that. Words: 1100

2. Platinum is Downright “Cheap” Relative to ALL Other Precious Metals! Have You Any in Your Portfolio?


If this precious metals bull market continues over the next couple of years, I think one would [be well served to] diversify some assets in gold/silver into platinum. [Let me explain the present relationship between platinum, gold, silver and palladium and why I make the aforementioned recommendation.] Words: 832

3. The Implications of Coming “Peak Copper” for America – and the World!


About two years ago, I looked through a BHP Billiton presentation which listed the number of years remaining for particular commodities. It was not an analysis of “peak” commodities as such, just a report on when various commodities would be completely, 100% depleted based on current usage rates and reserve assumptions. Copper in that report was determined to be scarcer than oil! [What does that mean for the future well-being of the U.S. – and the world?] Words: 1380

4. China Flooding Market With Counterfeit Gold & Silver Coins! Here’s How to Protect Yourself


Whether it’s pirated software, poison-infused baby formula, cancer-causing drywall, luxury purses, or fake medicines, if you need a knock-off, China has traditionally been the go-to country, with a counterfeiter always willing to oblige. Now, with precious metals prices on the cusp of possibly the biggest price explosion in centuries, fake gold and silver products are becoming a booming industry. Here are some safeguards to protect yourself from getting duped. Words: 1124

5. Where Do Gold & Silver Rank in Vulnerability to a Recession Among Other Commodities?


A Barclays Capital research [report] notes that gold prices are vulnerable to a recession – more so than some of the other commodities. In the last recession of 2008, gold prices appreciated the least among precious metals. Below is a table that ranks 30 different commodities. Words: 571

10 Ounce Silver Bullion Bars

If sales for November and December match the levels of 2010, total sales of American Silver Eagle coins for 2011 should… [be] more than 20% above the record breaking sales level of 2010. [Not only that but] with physical demand remaining robust and investors seeking safe-haven investments in the face of the Eurozone debt crisis, I believe we could still see silver break above $50 by year-end or during Q1 of 2012 at the very latest. [Let me explain.] Words: 402

10 Ounce Silver Bullion Bars

The silver index is still in the “Run” phase of the “Bump-and-Run Reversal Top” pattern which will be followed by a “Dead-Cat Bounce” decline that will drive prices gradually lower. [How much lower? Read on!] Words: 990

8. What Happens to Oil Prices if Israel Bombs Iranian Nuclear Facilities?


We now believe that there is at least a 50% probability of Israeli airstrikes against Iranian nuclear sites… Iran has multiple retaliatory options at its disposal…[and it begs the question:] Which options would most adversely affect the price of oil? [Let’s take a look at what those options would be.] Words: 544

9. Continuing High Unemployment = More Money Printing = Higher Gold & Silver Prices


The Federal Reserve has a dual mandate set by Congress of maximum employment and stable prices. During Chairman Bernanke’s most recent press conference he indicated that the Federal Reserve has done a better job of maintaining price stability while falling short of fostering maximum employment. [As such,] we believe the Federal Reserve will continue to increase the monetary base and weaken the dollar as long as unemployment remains elevated. While the economy (measured by real GDP) and the unemployment rate have not benefited from a substantial increase in the monetary base, the price of gold and silver have benefited from money printing. We believe this statement is quite important for monetary policy and for investors. [Let us explain further.] Words: 388

10. These 5 Charts Clearly Show Just How Major – and Depressing – the Current Unemployment Situation REALLY Is


The unemployment rate declined [slightly in October] from 9.1% to 9.0%…[but a close look, in chart form, at the pattern of unemployment compared to the S&P 500, the extent of unemployment over 27 weeks duration, the ratio of employed people to those aged 16 and over, the average length of unemployment and how extensive unemployment has been in this most recent recession compared to each of the others over the past 60+ years, is very revealing as to how serious the situation is. It is very depressing, indeed.] Words: 601