Thursday , 25 July 2024

This New Gold & Diamond Coin Is Valued at $23 Million

A new coin honoring the life of Queen Elizabeth II, dubbed “The Crown”, was unveiled this past Monday, days before the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death, and is valued at “around $23 million.”

This article by Oscar Holland of CNN Style has been edited and abridged by the Managing Editor of to provide greater clarity and conciseness for a fast and easy read.

The coin:

  • was produced by the East India Company, a luxury lifestyle brand with rights to the name of the corporation that once controlled large swathes of Britain’s empire,
  • is made from almost 8 pounds of gold and some 6,426 diamonds,
  • has a diameter of over 9.6 inches,
  • is comprised of almost a dozen 24-carat gold coins nestled in beds of diamonds
    • the center coin weighs over 2 pounds,
    • the smaller ones around it each weigh 1 ounce and feature either portraits of the late monarch or depictions of virtues including truth, justice and courage,
  • has thousands of diamonds on one side arranged to resemble the UK’s flag on one side,
  • has a setting of the reverse inspired by the late queen’s tiaras,
  •  is valued at “around $23 million” and
  • took over a year to produce, meaning that it was underway before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland last September with the designs being fully approved by Queen Elizabeth II prior to her passing.