Monday , 17 June 2024

These New Risks Likely to Disrupt Global Economic Activity

Every year the World Economic Forum surveys 900 global experts as to the global risks that could most likely disrupt global economic activity.

Over the course of the last year risks such as:

  1. state collapse or crisis,
  2. interstate conflict,
  3. terrorist attacks, and
  4. weapons of mass destruction have all soared.

In fact, within the overall scope of all potential risks, interstate conflict is now ranked as the #1 risk in terms of likelihood, and #4 in terms of impact.

The above edited excerpts come from an infographic article* as posted on under the title Geopolitical Risks Are Climbing: Interstate Conflict is Highest Risk in 2015. The article/infographic was originally posted in a more expanded presentation** by Alec Marsh ( under the title Geopolitical risks are rising.

Global Risks of Highest Concern

Top 10 Risks

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