Friday , 24 May 2024

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Inside Scoop: World Economic Forum To Replace Word “debt” With “agfok” (+2K Views)

This year's World economic Forum proposes adding a new word to the English language motivated by a recognition that the word ‘debt’, as defined by Merriam Webster, implies something that is owed and will be paid back and that his definition is becoming a very Inconvenient Truth for the world’s bankers and politicians. It has been proposed that the word “debt” be replaced with the word “agfok”, an acronym for “A Gift For Our Kids”.

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These New Risks Likely to Disrupt Global Economic Activity

Every year the World Economic Forum surveys 900 global experts as to the global risks that could most likely disrupt global economic activity. Over the course of the last year risks such as state collapse or crisis, interstate conflict, terrorist attacks, and weapons of mass destruction have all soared.

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