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Expected Benefits of Trump’s Tax Plan (+2K Views)

The world of taxation at the personal and corporate level is about to go through a radical overhaul. For the most part, in my view, the forthcoming changes will be positive. With a Republican House and Senate, Mr. Trump has a good shot at having a good number of his tax reforms enacted.

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These 8 Economic Reforms Would Propel the Dow to 20,000!

Our economy – and economic disparity – can never be fixed until we deal with the debt - and we will never deal with the debt without dramatic reforms to stop underlying dysfunction in government & endemic wasteful spending. Furthermore, we cannot grow our way out of the debt. No credible forecast suggests that future rates of growth for the U.S. economy will be sufficient to close these deficits without significant changes to our fiscal policies. Here are 8 reforms that need to be addressed if we are to have any hope of ever turning things around. I believe they would propel the Dow Jones to 20,000 and beyond. Words: 689

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Get Ready: More Taxes/Less Tax Breaks are Coming!

The Obama administration and Congress will eventually have to agree to some watered-down measures that will enable the debt ceiling to be increased to ensure that the country’s creditors continue to be paid on time but that will only be a short-term political deal. The medium-term fiscal plans brought forward by Republicans (ready to slash spending but unwilling to consider tax increases) and by the White House (heavy reliance on sustained economic growth to reduce future deficits) currently fall well short of fiscal sustainability...[The bottom line is that] increases in taxes, combined with fundamental program redesign and a reduction in benefits, will eventually be required. Words: 744

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