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$8,000/ozt Gold Is Possible (likely?) Here’s Why (+2K Views)

You can either wait on the sideline and watch gold and silver prices skyrocket in the coming months and years and look back in regret, or you can diversify a portion of your portfolio to precious metals now, before the next financial earthquake or stagflation destroy your financial future. The choice is yours - you can triple your money at the very minimum if you think ahead and act now and buy gold.

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Goldrunner Offers Clarity On How Banking Realities Affect Gold Price

Frankly, I cannot see how one can distinguish the Fed from the European banking system and looking at things in this way provides a very different picture of the international landscape. The Fed is dependent upon euro printing in order to ramp up dollar printing, yet they are both one and the same. All of the GS boys running over to Europe after the Fed banks defaulted on the OTC derivatives takes on a new light in retrospect. It was a family reunion!

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My Point-by-Point Rebuttal of Roubini’s 7-point Analysis on the Bursting of the Gold Bubble

People ask me all the time where the price of gold is headed. I do not pretend to know, especially in the short-term. However, I understand the fundamentals and Roubini clearly doesn't, nor does he have a clue about money or what causes economic growth...In fact, having just read Nouriel Roubini's seven point analysis on the Bursting of the Gold Bubble, I am of the opinion that he doesn't get even one of the seven points correct. In this article I offer a point-by-point rebuttal.

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What is Financial Repression? Why It Will Fail (+3K Views)

Financial repression occurs when governments channel funds into their own sovereign bonds in order to reduce debt levels through mechanisms such as directed lending, caps on interest rates, capital controls, debt monetization, or by other means. The promise of financial repression is that it will hold down government borrowing costs and reduce government debt levels, but critics argue that financial repression merely targets the producers of society, i.e., the middle class, and therefore harms the economy. Let's take a look at financial repression ands its supposed pros and cons. Words: 1486

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Ian Campbell's Commentary: What's Coming – a "Slight Depression" (Niall Ferguson) or "A Form of Stagflation"?

Harvard Professor/Economic Historian Niall Ferguson wrote recently that he is of the opinion that, while all the fiscal and monetary government stimuli undertaken by many of the governments of the world's developed countries since 2007 may have averted a second Great Depression, they will, most likely, still experience a "slight" depression. Campbell reviews the rationale behind Ferguson's position and then presents his view that, as he sees it, most developed countries will face, instead, "a form of" Stagflation where the prices of non-durable goods (food, energy, and basic consumables) inflate, but the price of durable goods (long-term assets such as houses, cars, refrigerators, etc.) deflate. Campbell's commentary makes for a very thought-provoking read. Words: 922

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