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The Most Explosive Turnaround to the Upside — EVER — Is Coming In the Precious Metals Sector (+2K Views)

I am 100% confident that 1) precious metals will bottom this year and resume a new leg to the upside, 2) the extreme emotions right now regarding gold and silver are typical at major turning points and 3) all the underlying fundamental, cyclical and technical conditions for a new bull market in gold and silver are in place. Here's an update on the latest action in gold, silver, platinum and palladium

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Up or Down? Precious Metals At Important Crossroad

Precious Metals are now at an important crossroad....Over the last several quarters, this sector has under-performed against equities as well as bonds but that might change very soon [as it is at several key decision points as to whether it goes up or down. Let me explain.] Words: 1080; Charts: 10

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Goldrunner: Fractal Analysis Suggests Silver to Reach $52 – $56 by May – June 2011

Dollar Inflation remains the driver of the pricing environment for almost everything denominated in U.S. Dollars as long as the Fed continues to monetize debt. The debt monetization creates Dollar Inflation that results in Dollar Devaluation. By the time the Fed has ramped up the QE II that they have announced will end in June, I expect Gold, Silver, and the HUI will have risen to $1860 - $1975, $52 - $56 and 940 - 970 respectively. Let me show you why. Words: 1301

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