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4 Major Benefits Of A Dollar Cost Averaging Investment Strategy

Dollar cost averaging is a simple and effective strategy of investing fixed amounts of cash at predetermined times. If you invest $1,000 every month, then you are dollar cost averaging. The strategy is easy to understand, but many of the benefits are not so obvious. Here are 4 such benefits:

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Apply These 6 Military Strategies To the Way You Invest & Win

I was re-reading Art of War recently, and I couldn’t help noticing how Sun Tzu’s approach to military strategy applies to investing. As he said 2,500 years ago, “he who knows them will be victorious; he who knows them not will fail.” Below are 6 quotes well worth applying as a result of the present financial chaos we find ourselves in.

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Christmas Has Come Early This Year for These Investors/Speculators!

We have noted previously that short-sellers have been crushed this year as many of the best performing stocks have also been some of the most heavily shorted stocks. So far in December, however, short-sellers have been getting a bit of a respite. Of the 29 names listed, only 8 are up so far this month. All in all, these 29 stocks have averaged a decline of over 4% this month compared to a loss of just 0.62% for the S&P 1500. It looks as though Christmas has come early for the short-sellers this year. Here's the list of all 29 stocks and how they have performed to date.

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Market -Timing Pays BIG Dividends for Income Investors – Here's Why

Many income investors have been taught to believe that “market-timing” is anathema to their investment objectives and/or that it can’t be done successfully... I will argue that this piece of conventional wisdom is false - dangerously false. In a three-part series of essays, I will argue that market-timing needs to be incorporated as a fundamental component of income investing. I will demonstrate why market-timing is important, when it should be applied and how it should be implemented. [Read on!] Words: 1956

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