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Christmas Has Come Early This Year for These Investors/Speculators!

We have noted previously that short-sellers have been crushed this year as many of the best performing stocks have alsoinvesting2 been some of the most heavily shorted stocks.  So far in December, however, short-sellers have been getting a bit of a respite.  Of the 29 names listed, only 8 are up so far this month.  All in all, these 29 stocks have averaged a decline of over 4% this month compared to a loss of just 0.62% for the S&P 1500.  It looks as though Christmas has come early for the short-sellers this year. Here’s the list of all 29 stocks and how they have performed to date.

So say edited excerpts from the introduction to an article entitled S&P 1500 Most Heavily Shorted Stocks posted by the team at

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The article goes on to say in further edited excerpts to ensure you a fast and easy read:

The list below highlights the 29 stocks in the S&P 1500 that have more than 25% of their free-floating shares sold short as of the end of November.

  • 21 (72%) are small cap stocks including the 10 most heavily shorted stocks on the list,
  • 7 are mid caps and
  • 1 (Cliffs Natural (CLF)) is the only large cap stock.  Although with a market cap of under $4 billion CLF would not even meet the market cap criteria to be added to the S&P 500 today.

A typical theme of this list each month is that many of the names are consumer and/or stocks with a trendy product.  True to form, 10 of the names on this month’s list are from the Consumer Discretionary sector.  Some of the more notable names include, Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR), Deckers Outdoor (DECK), Outerwall (OUTR), Aeropostale (ARO), JC Penney (JCP), and Barnes & Noble (BKS).


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