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Check It Out: Gold Stock Manias in 79/80, 82/83 & 95/96 Saw 2,000 – 4,000% Returns – and It Could Happen Again (+5K Views)

The timing of this article may seem incongruous given the current weak performance of gold and gold stocks but that was the identical situation in each of the past manias - both the metal and the equities didn't excel until the frenzy kicked in. The following documentation (exact returns from specific companies during this era are identified) is actually a fresh reminder of why we think you should hold on to your positions – or start accumulating them, if you haven't already. (Words: 1987; Tables: 7)

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Gold Producer Stocks Dramatically Undervalued: Don’t Miss This Blood-in-the-Streets Opportunity (+4K Views)

While the waterfall decline in gold stocks is painful for those of us already invested, the reality is that this is a setup we get a shot at only a few times in our investing life. It's a cruel irony that those who are fully invested are now faced with the buying opportunity of a lifetime; however, it would be a shame for anyone to miss this blood-in-the-streets opportunity.

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Surf's Up: Here's Specific Suggestions on How to Ride the Coming Wave of Higher Gold Prices

By looking at the charts and fundamentals for precious metals and the miners it is our firm belief that the precious metals sector has bottomed out and the downside is very limited from here on out. While there doesn’t seem to be an immediate rush back into the sector we believe that the worst is over and that now is a great time to be acquiring physical metals and, more importantly, producers with growth profiles. That’s where we really see the value and upside potential. [Let us provide you with a specific course of action.] Words: 792

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2012: The Beginning of the END for the U.S. "Petrodollar"! (+8K Views)

A major portion of the U.S. dollar's valuation stems from its lock on the oil industry and if it loses its position as the global reserve currency the value of the dollar will decline and gold will rise. Iran's migration to a non-dollar based international trade system is the testing of the waters of a non-USD regime...transition to a world in which the U.S. Dollar suddenly finds itself irrelvant. [Let me explain.] Words: 1200

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HUI Stocks About to Kick Up Their Heels!

All indications are that we are at the 3rd wave juncture where the large cap gold and silver producer stocks and intermediate precious metals producer/developer stocks tend to start to move much better, and where the smaller explorer class starts to kick up it's heels. Let me show you what I mean with a few charts that will give you a clear visual of why you ain't seen nothing yet when it come to the future performance of the stocks (and warrants) of gold and silver mining and royalty companies. Words: 1036

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