Wednesday , 21 February 2024

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Ian Campbell's Commentary: More on Gold!

I read an article yesterday about the price of physical gold...that I think is worth bringing to your attention [not only because of what was conveyed but who was the source of the comments made and the great credibility of those comments given his] immediate access... to people he knows in high-level positions [and] can, and no doubt does, interact and share views with on a daily basis. [Let me explain more fully.] Words: 840

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News Flash! The Fed Has Declared That It MUST Create Inflation! Got Gold?

In... September's Federal Open Market Committee minutes, the Fed officially announced that ... "Unless ... underlying inflation moved back toward a level consistent with the Committee's mandate, they would consider it appropriate to take action soon" and take "... possible steps to affect inflation expectations." That's Fed-speak for a MANDATE TO CREATE INFLATION! Words: 694

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