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Ian Campbell's Commentary: More on Gold!

I read an article yesterday about the price of physical gold…that I think is worth bringing to your attention [not only because of what was conveyed but who was the source of the comments made and the great credibility of those comments given his] immediate access… to people he knows in high-level positions [and] can, and no doubt does, interact and share views with on a daily basis. [Let me explain more fully.] Words: 840

So offers Ian R. Campbell, FCA, FCBV ( in Today’s Economic & Resource Stocks Commentary* which Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!), has further edited ([  ]), abridged (…) and reformatted below  for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read. The author’s views and conclusions are unaltered and no personal comments have been included so as to maintain the integrity of the original article. Please note that this paragraph must be included in any article re-posting to avoid copyright infringement.

Campbell goes on to say, in part:

[The article** made reference to is entitled] ‘Eveillard – Expect a Mania in Gold Before This is Over’ and it summarizes an interview with Jean Marie Eveillard, who is said to oversee a $50 billion investment fund.  Mr. Eveillard is quoted or summarized as saying (among other things) [that]:

  • any strengthening of the U.S.$ against the Euro in the short-term will be “somewhat negative (to the gold price) in the short-term”;
  • last week’s “floor setting move” by the Swiss National Bank has resulted in a circumstance where “one could argue that if the Swiss franc was a safe haven and it is no longer a safe haven, this should benefit gold”;
  •  …”gold is far from being over-owned”.  Mr. Eveillard says that the person who runs his Investment Funds ‘gold fund’ recently told him that, on average, all world global pension plans have only 4/10ths of 1% of their assets invested in gold.  I assume he is referring only to physical gold when making this comment, and is not including gold mining company shares;
  • “gold today should be seen as a currency, none of the major currencies being appealing”;
  • “gold will continue to rise as long as monetary authorities continue to do what they have been doing, which is an automatic reflex in a pure paper system, which is to print more money”; and,
  • “the potential for gold, I don’t want to mention numbers, …is considerable.  The whole story could end with some kind of mania in gold mining stocks”. 

I think it highly likely that Mr. Eveillard from his lofty perch in the investment community expresses independent and objective comments…[given] the immediate access he must have to people he knows in high-level positions that he can, and no doubt does, interact and share views with on a daily basis [and, as such, this lends, to me, great credibility to his [aforementioned] comments on ‘the price of physical gold’…

You might think about my last comment, and determine whether or not it resonates with you.

*; **

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