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The Fiscal Cliff Drama Is Over! Here Are the Winners & Losers

At the 13th hour, the House passed the compromise bill that appears to have helped the U.S. avoid imminent economic disaster - from their own inability to reach a compromise before the January 1st deadline. For now, the markets appear to be cheering the reduction of some uncertainty but it's not the all-inclusive deal that many had hoped for. Below are some of the apparent winners and losers included in the deal. Words: 765

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Dr. Faber and I Concur: There Are Major Reasons to be Very Cautious in 2013 – Here’s What To Do (+2K Views)

Dr. Marc Faber, the author and publisher of the "Gloom Boom And Doom" report is one of the most well-read economists out there. I am of the opinion that his suggestions and investment advice are more realistic than any other economist or analyst we hear and read regularly. The summary of Dr. Faber's latest monthly report suggests that he views 2013 as a year of capital preservation. In other words, Dr. Faber is not very bullish on risky asset classes for 2013. This article discusses Dr. Faber's views and the reasons to remain cautious in 2013. Words: 1494; Charts: 3; Tables: 1

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The Markets & Politicians Got It Right: The Fiscal "Cliff" Is/Was Nothing to Panic About

Why are Congress and the White House not panicked about the looming fiscal "cliff"? Why has the Dow pulled back only 2% rather than plunging 2,000 points as time to forge an agreement by year-end has foolishly dwindled down to just a couple of days, and odds of it happening have become remote? Probably because the markets and politicians are aware that the economy is not going to suddenly plunge over a cliff into an abyss on January 2 if an agreement has not been reached by then. [Let me explain just what it does mean, though.] Words: 785

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U.S. Events Suggest It’s Time to Further Internationalize Your Portfolio (2K Views)

With both the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling looming, US stocks beginning to trail stocks overseas and the much increased volatility of the US market compared to those outside the United States, it is getting difficult to argue that the United States is still the "safe port" in a storm. Given the changing dynamic, we continue to believe that this is a good time for investors to consider lowering their overweight position in US equities while raising the allocation to international stocks. [I explain my position more fully in this article.] Words: 711

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Drop Over & Read These 10 Insightful Articles on the "Fiscal Cliff"

So much continues to be written on the so-called "fiscal cliff" that someone had to sift through the 100s of such articles and find those worth one's time to read. I have done just that and provide below links to 10 of the best such articles each of which been edited for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure you a fast and easy read. Enjoy!

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Buy & Hold Commodity Assets (Particularly Gold & Silver) Starting Today: BIG Profits are Coming – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

Savers will not stand idly by and watch their savings get wiped out by taxes and inflation....[which] is good news for investors who buy and hold commodity assets today – and it’s also a stark reminder to not be fooled by the short-term head fakes that might make it look like the commodity bull is over. Stay the course – the biggest profits are yet to come. [Here's why.] Words: 405

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