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Efforts of Financial Consultants to Institutions Are “Fruitless” Reveals New Study – Here’s Why

According to a research paper from the latest issue of the Journal of Finance, there is "no evidence that the recommendations of financial consultants to institutions add value, suggesting that the search for winners, encouraged and guided by investment consultants, is fruitless". This article identifies the reasons behind why that shocking revelation is the case.

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Gold & Silver Volatility & Diversification Myths Debunked

The commercial investment industry [- from Wall Street to your personal financial advisor/planner -] is more interested in milking its clients for fees and spreading lies, deception and propaganda than in actually acting to preserve and build their clients’ wealth. In my opinion, “safe diversification” and “less volatile” strategies are nothing but pure absolute rubbish invented by and regurgitated from the mouths of such consultants. [Let me explain and show you some graphs to make my case.] Words: 1680

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