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Are You Properly Positioned for the Global Slowdown Ahead? (Almost 2K Views)

Knowing where we are within the business cycle can help investors better position themselves for superior returns [because, as we all know,] during economic expansions equities typically outperform fixed income investments while the converse is typically the case during economic downturns. Current analysis of the business cycle suggests a period of slower growth ahead, not just in the U.S., but also globally, [but no signs of an impending recession. Let me explain.] Words: 834

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Mauldin: Large Tax Increases in 2011 Will Tip Us Into Recession

The uber-Keynesians that are in control of our economic policy clearly do not think that large tax increases matter, or if they do think so they are not speaking out about them. They are conducting an experiment on our economic body without benefit of anesthesia. Here's a prediction about which I can feel confident: if we do slip back into recession, they will blame some factor other than the tax increase and call for massive stimulus. In fact, they will probably say that the lack of stimulus was the problem in the first place. Paul Krugman will be the head cheerleader. Words: 841

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