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Track the Trend of the Economy – Here’s How

No matter how boring it sounds, all investors must make it a point to track economic indicators to understand the direction in which the nation is headed...[and, in the process,] sharpen [their] investment decisions. Here are the key indicators that you should be tracking:

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Be Smart: Consider These Economic Indicators When Investing

Before placing trades, it’s good practice to review market-moving indicators such as jobless claims, housing starts and sales, consumer confidence, and inflation as they can help you make smarter investments and grow your wealth. Here's a look at each of the above mentioned indicators that you may want to become familiar with.

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The Most Over- and Under-rated Economic Indicators – Agree or Disagree?

Pundits and prognosticators like to throw around a lot of numbers when trying to predict where the economy is headed. The most popular economic indicators, however, aren't nevessarily the best. Russ Koesterich explains why the figures you hear most often are over-rated and identifies which indicators should be used instead.

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These Three Indicators Indicate Recession Receding

Three key indicators have suddenly broken trend over the last few weeks/quarter. It appears that the economic landscape has shifted. One major change is interesting. Two could be a coincidence. When three points like this connect, it's worth paying attention. Words; 324

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