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If Trump Truly Wants To Fix the Economy He Should Shut Down the Federal Reserve – Here’s Why

An unelected, unaccountable group of central bankers has far more power over our economy than anyone else does but, with the election of Donald Trump as President, we now have an opportunity to get free from this insidious system because, if he truly wants to fix the economy then shutting down the Federal Reserve would be the thing to do. It would take someone very bold to make such a move so it begs the question, "Is he up to the task?"

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Here’s Donald Trump’s Economic Plan “to save the U.S. economy”

Donald Trump is promising change, and many of his proposals sound good (and, yes, there are also some areas to be concerned about), but Trump's plan stops well short of the fundamental overhaul of our economic and financial systems that is required. That being said, what he is proposing is vastly superior to Hillary Clinton’s plan so he should definitely be applauded for at least moving in the right direction. Below are some of his economic proposals "to save the U.S. economy."

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U.S. Needs Donald Trump – He’s An Expert At Declaring Bankruptcy

What the Land of the Free needs right now is someone who can stop beating around the bush and just get on with it already and that someone is Donald Trump because he is an expert at declaring bankruptcy. When the going gets tough, Trump stiffs his creditors - he’s done it four times - and such experience would come in handy during the next presidential term. The U.S. government is bankrupt and default is inevitable. Who better to oversee such an event than Donald Trump!

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