Monday , 11 December 2023

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Are You In the American Middle Class? – Find Out With Our Income Calculator

The share of adults who are middle class varies widely across U.S. metropolitan areas. Our newly updated calculator lets you find out which group you fit in, first compared with other adults in your metro area and among American adults overall, and then compared with other adults in the U.S. similar to you in education, age, race or ethnicity, and marital status. Are you in the American middle class?

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New Reality: Earnings of +$126,000/yr. Now Required To Be Considered Middle Class (+2K Views)

The Pew Research Center’s recent report says that 49% of adults are members of the Great American Middle Class. My more qualitative analysis suggests that no more than 33% of U.S. households qualify as middle class. Claiming that 49% of the nation’s households are still middle class is a gross exaggeration and I substantiate my contention in this most interesting and revealing article.

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