Thursday , 22 February 2024

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Shilling: Chief Pooh-pooher of Market Enthusiasm for Good Reasons – Do You Agree?

Economist Gary Shilling, excellent forecaster of past recessions and chief pooh-pooher of today’s market enthusiasm, thinks consumers are in worse shape than they’re letting on ...[and,] while his general pessimism puts him very much at odds with the market for the first few months of the year, it looks like he’s gaining some followers. [Take a look at his] point-by-point explanations of his opinions, [supported by charts , and see if you, too, come to the same conclusions.] Words: 740

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Americans Greasing the Tracks for a Financial Crash! Here's Why

For the bulls yesterday's news of a much higher-than-anticipated jump in consumer borrowing is yet more proof that the recovery is on track. [For the bears it is outright confirmation that America's spending is setting it up for a major financial crash! Let me explain.] Words: 527

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