Thursday , 22 April 2021

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Why Silver Could Drop Below $30/ozt.

A close look at where silver's price is positioned at this stage of its developing long-term bubble, and by using Bump-and-Run and Dead-Cat Bounce pattern analyses, suggests that silver is on its way to returning to its long-term mean. Words: 624

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“Three Peaks” Pattern Suggests Gold to Decline 17% into June!

There are a number of different ways to look at what has been happening with the price of gold and silver of late and to anticipate what is in store for them next. One of the most unique ways of assessing past, present and future movement is by taking a look at their "Three Peaks and the Domed House" and "Bump and Run" chart patterns. In deed, the "Three Peaks" pattern suggests that gold has peaked and will now decline by 17% to $1,290 per ozt. in June. Let me explain. Words: 835

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