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Motivated Stock Pickers CAN Beat the Market! Here’s How (+4K Views)

What hope can there be for motivated stock pickers to outperform the low-cost index funds that simply mechanically track the market? Well - in spite of the absurd rise of the Nobel-acclaimed, and highly promoted, Efficient Market Hypothesis that claims that individual investors can't beat the market - it turns out there is plenty! [Let me explain.] Words: 1574

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You’re Probably Investing The Wrong Way For Retirement – Here Is A Better Way

In my view, most people who are selecting stocks for their retirement are doing it wrong. Most investors are picking “good companies,” stocks that have gone up a lot in the past, stocks of companies that are soon to release higher earnings, or stocks that have been selected because the technicals look good. All of these make for lousy long term investments. Here's a better path to retirement bliss, one that’s much more likely to work out if you are prepared to put just a little bit of time and effort into your portfolio.

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Benjamin Graham Insights For Financial Advisors & Investors Alike

Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor is one of a handful of books you hear mentioned over and over again when you ask investors to name the best investing books of all-time. Graham was far ahead of his time in talking about investor behavior and human psychology in terms of the role they play in shaping how markets and investors generally work. Let me explain.

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S&P 500 To Correct By 10% Soon Yet End 2015 At Around 2500

A near-term market pullback of as much as 10% is likely but we're still in bull market cycle that has just begun to run. There are years left to go on this secular bull market and, indeed, Benjamin Graham's P/E formula implies a 2015 S&P price target of somewhere around 2476 to 2545.

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“Graham Stocks” Dramatically Outperform the S&P 500 – Why Invest Any Other Way? (+3K Views)

My portfolio version of Benjamin Graham’s time- tested strategy for defensive investors has has only trailed the markets in 3 of the last 12 years and has dramatically outperformed the S&P 500 during that period realizing a 19% (annualized) return vs. only 2% (annualized) for the S&P 500. Let's take a look at the method and this year's group of Graham stocks. Words: 790

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