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1. How NOT to Run a Country: What’s REALLY Happening – and About to Happen – in Argentina


One can barely keep up with what is going on here in Argentina, since each day brings more ‘new’ government dictates, rules and initiatives which all seem to share the same features – dumb and dumber – and virtually all with guaranteed unintended negative consequences. Let me give you my on-the-ground insights of the lay of the land – of what is REALLY happening in Argentina – and about to happen! Words: 853

2. What Do You Think – Is Spain on the Brink?


Economic risk in the Eurozone and elsewhere appears to be escalating, and what is said here describes what may prove to be the ‘biggest crack yet in Humpty Dumpty’s shell’.

3. Kenneth Rogoff: Will The Next Economic Disaster Be A Cyber Crisis?


When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, many shocked critics asked why markets, regulators, and financial experts failed to see it coming. Today, one might ask the same question about the global economy’s vulnerability to cyber-attack. Indeed, the parallels between financial crises and the threat of cyber meltdowns are striking. [Let me explain.] Words: 885

4. A Balanced Analysis Suggests a Recession is NOT Imminent – Here’s Why


The permabears are coming out the woodwork. Bad, scary articles and news seem to attract more attention and eyeballs than good news articles or those that offer a counterbalanced view. Whenever someone gets interviewed on US TV, it’s for someone proclaiming the end of the expansion – you never see them interviewing someone offering a counter view of a more positive nature. This article gives you a balanced, opposing view to the tiresome popular perma-bear consensus so that you can make your own balanced decision. [As for our own conclusion, we don’t see imminent recession. Here’s why.] Words: 1315

5. When EU Crisis Hits France This Autumn – Germany Will Walk! – Here’s Why


The future of the eurozone all boils down to Germany. I’ve been forecasting for months that Germany will increasingly focus on domestic interests and that it will ultimately opt to leave the Euro rather than prop up the EU. The former (focusing on domestic issues) is already underway and I believe the latter will occur once the EU Crisis spreads to France which I expect to happen before autumn. At that point, it’s game over for any notion of the current EU lasting because Germany will walk! [Let me explain further.] Words: 675

6. Telling It Like It Is: Latest PMIs Reveal Truth About the Global Economy


The second half of the year has begun, and…one of the best leading indicators that can shed light on the health of the economy is the purchasing managers index (PMI). The latest local readings of the manufacturing PMI for countries around the world collectively…give investors a critical insight into the pace of economic growth by month [and they can be found below.] Words: 550

7. Where Does Your Country Rank in List of Strongest & Weakest Countries in the World?

question mark

This report gives you our latest Weiss Ratings for the weakest and strongest countries in the world. Only sovereign countries with stellar scores in four major areas — debt burdens, international stability, economic health and market acceptance — merit a grade of A- or better. Only countries that demonstrate severe and/or consistent weaknesses in the four areas receive a grade of D+ or lower. Currently, the data show that the U.S. government does not fall into either category. We rate it…
Words: 1434

8. Current Distortion of Interest Rates is Unsustainable & Will Have Dire Consequences


Interest rates have been manipulated to keep them extremely low in an attempt to stimulate the economy but…unless deficits are dramatically reduced…. interest rates will eventually rise and government interest expense will double or triple from the amounts being paid today. That potentially triggers a debt death spiral, where government has to borrow more than otherwise expected. It also raises the credit risk and could ratchet interest rates up again. It has happened to Greece, Portugal, Spain and other European countries already this year and could well happen in the U.S. too. Words: 595

9. Regardless of Who Wins in November the U.S. Is Going Over the Financial Cliff! It’s Just a Matter of Time – Here’s Why

financial cliff

The outcome of the election of 2012 will [only] determine the rate of speed at which we approach the [financial] cliff [because] neither political alternative is willing to change course, to steer away from the cliff. The cliff is so high that whether we go over it at 200 mph (Obama) or whether we merely slip over the edge (Romney), the end result is the same — fatal for the economy and perhaps our entire political system. It is the fall that will kill us. [This article explains why that is going to be the case.] Words: 1135

10. Goodbye Euro, Hello Bitcoin? Will Use of New Crypto-currency Spread Across Eurozone?


For weeks commentators have been discussing the possibility of Greece leaving the eurozone and how a return to the drachma might be facilitated…The drachma is not Greece’s only option however….In some parts of Greece social entrepreneurship, technology, and skepticism of politicians have already given rise to alternate trading mechanisms and created an environment where a cyrpto-currency by the name of “Bitcoin” could become increasingly popular. [Let me explain.] Words: 709

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