Sunday , 3 December 2023

Richard Russell: The Dow at 400 is Nolonger an Absurd Joke – Got Gold? (+3K Views)

Richard Russell has become very bearish in recent months. Earlier this year, Russell warned that the stock market was once again becoming grossly overvalued despite its relentless new highs maintaining that the bear market never ended and that the world is far too indebted to exit the bear market. He believed then, and still maintains, that the bear will not end until all fiat currencies have failed and that we might be, as he put it, “on the verge of a terrible collapse.” Words: 524

Lorimer Wilson provides below further reformatted and edited excerpts from the original article by the Pragmatic Capitalist ( for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read. Russell says:

“We’re now in the process of building one of the largest tops in stock market history. The result, I think, will be the most disastrous bear market since the ‘30s, and maybe worse.

Collapse of Fiat Currencies
I think the key element behind this great bear market will be the complete destruction of all fiat currencies. This has been a long time coming. Fiat currencies are “wealth” created by man. They are created without sacrifice, without labor, without risk, and without sweat. Basically they are an immoral device, created by secretive bankers.

Dow 400
If you look at the advance-decline ratio for the Dow you’ll note a subtle deterioration braking the trendline in May. My old friend, Bob Prechter, is talking about Dow 400. I used to think this was an absurd joke. I no longer think it’s a joke. The ultimate result will be a primary bear market shocking in duration and extent.

As for gold, its stellar performance goes on. This in the face of ominous warnings of various worried experts. The world (minus the U.S.) is loading up with the yellow metal with banks running out of vault space. The great 10-year primary bull market is moving into its 11th year. The bull market in gold attests to the systematic decline in the value of the dollar compared with real money – gold.

One of the greatest modern traders, John Paulson, who made billions on the housing collapse, has, I understand, all his personal money in gold-related items. Many individuals have already built gold profits beyond anything they have ever achieved before but the big profits, the astounding profits, will accrue when gold finally bursts loose of its prejudices and freely expresses itself.

My Advice
Put as much of your money as you’re comfortable with in bullion coins. Remember the simple phrase that’s been around through years of history – “There’s no fever like gold fever.” Fiat money is doomed. Act on it.”