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Revolution Is Rattling At the Gates Of These 5 European Countries – Here’s How to Resolve the Situation

History has taught that the collapse of the pillar of prosperity in a society alwaysr-EUROPE-DOWNGRADES-large570 leads to revolution – and revolution is now rattling at the gates of Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. Below is an 8-step rescue plan for the Euro and a proposal to re-index all the European stock exchanges to dramatically improve the standard of living in the above mentioned countries.

The above comments are paraphrased excerpts from An Open Letter to the IMF, ECB & EU by  Wim Grommen which can be found below:

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An Open Letter to the IMF, ECB & EU 

28 august 2014,

Topics: “8-step Euro rescue plan” and “Re-indexing European stock exchanges

Dear Ms Lagarde (IMF), Mr. Draghi (ECB) and Mr. Van Rompuy (EU),

Now that the welfare of many citizens in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France threaten to sink beneath the critical point, it is important that there be a solution for these citizens in the short term. As history has taught, the collapse of the pillar of prosperity in a society always leads to revolution, and signals have reached me through the media that revolution is rattling at the gates of each of these countries.

I acknowledge that the governments of the above-mentioned countries, regardless of their political persuasion, see the economic situations of many of their citizens with sorrow but believe they have their respective backs to the wall. Therefore, to remedy such subsistence conditions in their countries, I suggest that the governments of Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France each approve, and implement prior to January 1, 2015, my proposed “8-step Euro rescue plan that I have prepared (see appendix) for database administrators of banks in these countries.

Upon implementation of the proposed plan,

  • citizens in the above-mentioned countries would have sufficient funds to live in a dignified manner

and, in doing so,

  • your respective organizations would be able to:
    • present themselves as a Robin Hood – a Robin Hood who takes care of all  individuals in society – and also
    • prevent chaos in the financial markets which always arise due to revolutions (as demonstrated by the wide spread disastrous consequences the stock market crash in 1929 had on societies).

For additional background information, I refer you to my paper “Current problems associated with the end of the third industrial revolution” which was presented at The Economic Crisis: Time for a paradigm shift, Towards a systems approach International Symposium in Valencia, Spain.

I also request that you consider my proposal to re-index each of the European stock exchanges at 100 points. For additional background information on this proposal, I refer you to my articles The Dow Jones Industrial Average: a Fata Morgana and Will Obama manipulate the Dow Divisor? From fiction to reality

Your invitation for a discussion on the topic “8-step Euro rescue plan” or the topic “Re-indexing European stock exchanges” would be welcomed.


Wim Grommen

A concerned European citizen



The following 8 steps need to be performed by database administrators of European banks on December 31, 2014 to resolve the euro crisis and give those citizens in their countries living beneath the poverty line a dignified existence again in 2015.

Step 1: Log in as the table owner of the table “current_account_citizens” on the production database

Step 2: Disable all triggers on the table “current_account_citizens

Step 3: Disable all check-constraints on the table “current_account_citizens

Step 4: Run the following update statement on the table “current_account_citizens”:

  • update current_account_citizens
  • set balance = balance + ecb_ donation_to_citizen
  • select identification_number from citizen_tax_administration where  annual_income < norm_annual_income)

In the coming months there would be consultations between the IMF, ECB, EU and the Governments on the values ​​of the variables ecb_ donation_to_citizen and norm_annual_income. The values ​​of these variables would be determined for each country.

Step 5: Commit to make this update statement permanent

Step 6: Enable again all check-constraints on the table “current_account_citizens

Step 7: Enable again all triggers on the table “current_account_citizens

Step 8: Log off the production database

Should the above plan not receive the necessary approvals, then database administrators could assume some of their own moral responsibility and, depending on the extent of their Robin Hood feelings, decide themselves who of their compatriots were eligible for a gift and also how high it would be.

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