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Research the Best Weather Locations To Retire To – Here’s How (+2K Views)

Weather and climate are important considerations for most people when they think about where they might retire. This short article provides you with 6 internet resources to research the weather wherever you might be considering moving or retiring, so you can make the best choice. Words: 380

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Just about every part of the country has some weather issue to be concerned about [- be it humidity, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, winter cold, snow, rain, lack of sunshine, extreme heat, etc. -] so your decision needs to be based on your personal priorities. [Below are 6 internet sites which should go a long way towards helping you decide which location is best for you given your weather concerns.]

1. Safest Weather Cities. The safest weather city in the Northeast – Rochester, NY. Maybe not the nicest weather with over 100″ of annual snowfall, but according to, it’s the safest from hazards like tornadoes and cyclones. Still want safe: consider #2 – Caribou, Maine, with 110″ of snow and 41 days where the mercury falls below 0 (F.)!

2. Best Places for Future Livability. This study is all about where you have a chance to live a long life, based on how many people smoke, safe water, etc.  Number 1 state – Utah!

3. Cities by Humidty. The Home page shows you a map comparing relative humidity in areas across the U.S. but you can dig down and find data for just about any area of the country.

4. 15 Happiest Seaside Towns in US. A list developed by USA Today, it uses a complicated formula involving “the Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index, sunny days, beach quality, low crime, commute time, education of residents and other factors”.  Number 1 happy seaside town – Kiawah Island, SC.

5.  You can see current weather for just about anywhere at

6. This site is extremely useful for finding out just about anything about any town or city in the U.S. including detailed charts showing average temperatures, precipitation, snowfall, wind speed, days of sunshine, and humidity.


[Also check out the following sites that provide excellent information on senior care resources. Hat tip to Linda!]

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