Wednesday , 27 September 2023

Profit from Swiss Government's Likely Abandonment of Franc/Euro Peg – Here's How

The Swiss franc is pegged to the euro at 1.2 EUR/CHF (Chart 1) so if the euro keeps going lower and lower against other currencies, the Swiss franc will do the exact same thing. However, if Switzerland were to de-peg the Swiss franc from the euro, there would be a tremendous upside in the Swiss franc. [That being the case, how can one best profit from such an eventuality?] Words: 265

So says Katchum ( in edited excerpts from his article* as posted on Seeking Alpha.

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Katchum goes on to say, in part:

Switzerland’s real GDP [is strong having risen] 0.7 % from the previous quarter…compared to declining GDP in the periphery of the eurozone. [As such,] Swiss francs would be a safe haven in Europe during a coming recession [were the currency to be depegged from the Euro].

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According to Societe Generale, it is predicted that after June 2012, the peg between the Swiss franc and the euro…could be abandoned. Were the de-pegging to happen, Swiss denominated assets and equities would start to rise due to a rising Swiss franc – and considerably so because Swiss 2-year bond yields have dropped to a record -0.23% on 31 May 2012 given the prevailing fear that the euro will break up (chart 2) , while the average dividend yield of the Swiss equity index is much higher at 2.5%.




How to Profit

A good way to benefit from this is to buy the iShares MSCI Switzerland Index ETF (EWL).




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