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Panic/Euphoria Model Is In "Panic" Territory – So Where’s the Fear? (+2K Views)

With stocks declining in the last few weeks all the various sentiment surveys point to excessive bearishness/excessive fear. That’s in spite of the fact that market based indicators such as the VIX Index are not showing very much fear at all. While this market is deeply oversold and due for a relief rally, these readings are suggestive that there is more downside before we see an intermediate term bottom. [Let me explain.] Words: 290

So says Cam Hui ( in edited excerpts from his original article*.

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Hui goes on to say, in part:

As an example, the Citigroup Panic/Euphoria Model is in the “panic” territory. The model is a contrarian indicator, which means high levels of panic mean it’s time to buy stocks. The model isn’t screaming buy yet but it’s worth noting that it’s pretty reliable. Last October, it predicted a 98 percent chance of a double-digit return in stocks, and it was right.

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The Ticker Sense Blogger Survey, to which I contribute and voted “bearish” last week, also confirm the observation that there are too many bears.


The VIX Index, on the other hand, is not showing very much fear at all in spite of all these sentiment surveys pointing to excessive bearishness.



Remember, [it is] what they do, not what they say. While…this market is deeply oversold and due for a relief rally, these readings are suggestive that there is more downside before we see an intermediate term bottom.

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