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Noonan: An Exposé of the Elites & Their Control of the Price of Gold & Silver

No one can outguess the elites’ sustainability of power and control over the entire how-to-value-and-invest-in-goldfinancial system, including their influence over the price of gold, and, as such, this precludes anyone from being able to intelligibly articulate “when” there will be a transition from “down” to “up” in the price of gold and silver. Unfortunately, as things currently stand, the elites continue to win the majority of the battles, and so control the war. Let me explain why that is the case.

The above introductory comments are edited excerpts from an article* by Michael Noonan ( entitled Gold And Silver – Elites V Gold: Still No Contest.

Noonan goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

Without question, the least understood, least visible force that affects almost everyone’s lives, certainly in the Western world, is that of the elites, the moneychangers, the relative handful that controls everything, from the BIS, IMF, and down to the central bankers. These individuals remain nameless and faceless, but their roots are founded by that widely known banking clan, the Rothschilds.

There has been an increase in the vague awareness of the elites acknowledged as forces that control everything but, by and large, such people are pseudo-intellectually aware, a part of the “crowd” that professes to know more than the average individual – which is an easy accomplishment, anyway – but, in effect, it is a false sense of awareness because these individuals otherwise lead a similar life to the less informed.  Both groups remain a part of the “system,” maintaining bank accounts, use of credit cards, registered to vote, in fact registered to do everything to meet the requirements of the system that keeps everyone suppressed.

For as little as we know about the Rothschilds, their banking and social history, the unparalleled financial control they have exerted over the world, how they and the select, chosen moneychanger partners, have wielded such utter and unfettered control over everyone’s lives, is beyond the comprehension even of those within the system. The Jamie Diamonds, Lloyd Blankfeins, and their UK counterparts, while widely known to be in the upper echelons of power, are still very well-paid “gofers” for the elites who will always remain in deep background.

Noonan: The “Rothschild System” & the Present and Future Price of Gold

The point is, the level of controls is so great, the level of corruption so pervasive – no laws apply – that the extent of the depth to which control is exerted remains buried, yet this is the part of the unknown equation that has influenced the price of gold, probably for the past two-plus centuries, ever since Mayer Amschel Rothschild founded his banking dynasty.  No one, absolutely no one, has a handle on how the elites operate. None has a complete picture or understanding of how control is so absolute when it seems so implausible. Almost everyone else deals with known factors of supply and demand and maintains a fairly healthy compliance for the powers that be: those governments “elected” and those that are installed, unelected, like the EU.

Everyone knows that unicorns and mermaids “live” only in one’s imagination, and they are never considered…[as] real yet everyone believes in the similar fictions (mostly outright lies) espoused by governments and/or by central bankers, like Draghi, Cameron, ex-Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, or the layers of unelected bureaucrats like Van Rompuy, Tusk, et al.  All heads of States are a given as puppets acting at the behest of the elites and are total liars.

Unless, and until, people get a grip on the powers that control them, especially in the United States where people naively believe everything they hear and read from the establishment/news media, the elites will have no opposition.  Fiat paper will be more “valued” than gold and silver and paper assets like stocks and bonds. Retirement accounts will continue to be the go-to form of “asset holding,” until the day when the true worth (and there is none) of these paper assets will disappear.

Based on known factors of supply and demand [such as]:

  • China and Russia amassing every tonne of gold available,
  • the West being nearly depleted and unable to meet any more demand,
  • and that gold and silver are the one asset class that does not reflect simple upward adjustments for inflation,

we have not seen or read any credible explanation that accounts for the ongoing inexorably lower price path PMs continue to follow.The inability to accurately assess the criminal banking enterprise that controls the global economy (to its detriment) and the impossibility of perceiving the true powers deeply rooted behind those enterprises, will preclude an understanding of the “when” factor, as in when will gold and silver turn?  We certainly are with that group that cannot intelligibly articulate “when” there will be a transition from “down” to “up” in the PMs. 

What has transpired in the past several months has been a surprise, certainly for us, but we have not been hurt by the relentless…[assault] that has driven the price of gold and silver to their current lows, at least in the futures…[as our] advice for the purchase of physical gold and silver has always been to “buy regardless of price.”

Noonan: Not Owning Physical Gold & Silver Is A Huge Risk – Here’s Why

Many may be dismayed, even perturbed over such an unalterable call to keep on buying, to keep on “stacking”, but that cannot be changed, nor can the fact that one cannot move forward by always looking in a rear view mirror. We continue to stand behind what was said, and we practice what we
preach, having paid substantially higher prices for some silver and gold purchases along the way.

Noonan on Gold & Silver: “Devastating End Awaits Those Who Remain Unaware of Being Unaware”

The purchases were recommended and made on the belief of a system that is doomed to fail, and not a single nation in the history of man has escaped the inevitable doom of a fiat system.  We have always viewed purchases of physical gold and silver as one of the best alternatives to a destructive regime like the United States, and the best antidote to the criminal system run by the elites.  That has not and will not change.

What the History of “World” Currency Likely Means for the U.S. Dollar – and Why

We have no clue on when the unavailability of buying physical gold and silver will occur, nor at what price.  Could it be another year, or two, or more?  Yes, it can.  The likelihood diminishes with passing time, but the point of this article is that no one can outguess the sustainability of the power of and control over the entire system the elites have.  It has already gone passed the “due date” of most.

The elites continue to win the majority of the battles, and so control the war.

Editor’s Note: The author’s views and conclusions in the above article are unaltered and no personal comments have been included to maintain the integrity of the original post. Furthermore, the views, conclusions and any recommendations offered in this article are not to be construed as an endorsement of such by the editor.


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