Tuesday , 21 May 2024

What Do Annuities, Pensions, Royalties, Dividends, Etc. Have In Common?

Payment of money is referred to in a multitude of ways – it just depends on the circumstances. Take aeconomy-usdollar9 look.

By Lorimer Wilson, editor of munKNEE.com (It’s all about the Money!)

Payment of money:

  1. for the right to marry someone’s daughter
    • is called a dowry
  2. to a divorced spouse
    • is called alimony
  3. to the government
    • is called a tax
  4. of an imposed fixed amount
    • is called an assessment or levy
  5. from the government
    • is called a benefit
  6. based on age or service
    • is called a pension
  7. to a child
    • is called an allowance
  8. for service rendered
    • is called a tip or gratuity
  9. to kidnappers
    • is called a ransom
  10. to do something under the table
    • is called a bribe or payoff
  11. in return for concealment of discreditable secret
    • is called blackmail
  12. for exemplary performance
    • is called a bonus
  13. based solely on a successful sale
    • is called a commission
  14. for service of merit
    • is called a reward
  15. to encourage someone to perform better
    • is called an incentive
  16. as a salary to a clergyman
    • is called a stipend
  17. to a church
    • is called an offering or tithe  
  18. in appreciation of a volunteer’s services
    • is called an honorarium
  19. as an award to a deserving, yet needy, student
    • is called a bursary
  20. as an award to an outstanding student
    • is called a scholarship
  21. to a lawyer/barrister to be on call for a client
    • is called a retainer
  22. back to someone to which it is owed
    • is called reparation
  23. as reparation to an aggrieved party
    • is called restitution
  24. to someone holding a claim
    • is called an entitlement
  25. as the result of a legal claim for restitution
    • is called a settlement
  26. as the result of overpayment of a bill
    • is called a refund
  27. owed to a service organization
    • is called dues
  28. according to the terms of a will
    • is called a legacy, bequest or inheritance
  29. bequeathed to a person or institution
    • is called an endowment
  30. as a legal gift to a person or institution
    • is called a grant
  31. in return for a specific service or right
    • is called a fee
  32. to party for specific rights to use their production
    • is called a royalty
  33. to help offset an expense
    • is called a subsidy or subvention
  34. in advance for the receipt of specific goods and/or services
    • is called a subscription
  35. for the right to make use of a highway or bridge
    • is called a toll
  36. for the killing of a dangerous animal
    • is called a bounty
  37. for the supply of short-term food and drink
    • is called a provision
  38. to a third party as a wager on the outcome of an event
    • is called a stake 
  39. as a gift freely given
    • is called largess
  40. to someone as a regular distribution
    • is called a dispensation
  41. in the purchase of real estate
    • is called a downpayment
  42. to reserve the right to purchase something
    • is called a deposit
  43. to secure an item for future purchase
    • is called a lay-away
  44. on the outcome of a future event
    • is called a bet or wager
  45. to offset the cost of something
    • is called a defrayment
  46. to each of a number of people
    • is called a distribution
  47. as share of profits of a company
    • is called a dividend
  48. as a distribution of profits
    • is called a payout
  49. to pay off a debt
    • is called a discharge
  50. prior to being due
    • is called an advance
  51. below the normal price
    • is called a discount
  52. as a fixed annual sum
    • is called an annuity
  53. above the normal price
    • is called a premium
  54. to write off an expense over time
    • is called an amortization
  55. as the result of a court settlement
    • is called an award or damages
  56. to occupy or use something not owned
    • is called to rent or to lease or to let
  57. to party over time who has loaned you money
    • is called interest
  58. at an exorbitant rate of interest
    • is called usury
  59. by post
    • is called a remittance
  60. to victor by defeated belligerent
    • is called indemnification
  61. for a position that requires little work
    • is called a sinecure
  62. as punishment by authorities for breach of law
    • is called a penalty or a fine
  63. to be paid back at a later date
    • is called a loan
  64. to import, export, manufacture or sell goods
    • is called a duty or tariff
  65. to meet expenses
    • is called an outlay
  66. to provide for future expenses
    • is called to fund
  67. to complete the ownership of real estate over time
    • is called a mortgage
  68. to a tenant to secure a sub-lease
    • is called key money
  69. in acknowledgement of a special occasion
    • is called a gift or present
  70. for something that’s exchangeable for goods or services
    • is called a token or voucher
  71. by government to offset the expected expense of a specific action
    • is called an appropriation
  72. as the result of an above average return on an investment
    • is called a score
  73. as an undeserved portion of profits from someone else’s endeavours
    • is called a rake-off
  74. as a means of securing illicit gains
    • is called graft
  75. to an individual to avoid paying income taxes
    • is called off the books, under the table or on the side
  76. to an individual as a portion of receipts received
    • is called a share or a cut
  77.  to a charity
    • is called a donation, a contribution, a benefaction or being philanthropic
  78. to someone in need
    • is called charity, alms, dole, help, aid, assistance, relief, a handout
  79. as a result of work done
    • is called one’s income, pay, a wage, salary, compensation or earnings

What have I missed?

I can’t think of any more than the above 112 terms used in reference to 79 different payment circumstances.

If you can then please put them in the Comment Section below and I will add them to the list with an appreciative “hat tip”.