Thursday , 13 June 2024

Leeb: Europe at Risk of Totalitarian Governments Coming Into Vogue Again! Here’s Why

…In the 1930s…when unemployment breached 25% you started seeing authoritarianism really come into vogue….and we are seeing those kinds of unemployment rates in Greece and Spain…. [In fact,] what’s going on in France is starting to look a little bit totalitarian – and this is in France of all places…The world and the global financial system are in an extremely dangerous situation so investors need to be careful and make sure they protect themselves.

So says Stephen Leeb in edited excerpts from his recent interview with King World News.

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Leeb goes on to say, in part:

“The World Gold Council just came out with a statement noting that there are deflationary or disinflationary pressures, and there has been some selling of gold just to raise money. Having said that, they expect the rest of the year for gold to be good because of the kinds of problems we’re facing.”

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