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Larry Edelson: Inflation Surge Coming No Later Than September! Here's Why

There’s also no doubt in my mind that another inflationary surge is right around the corner….probably starting no later than September. [Here’s why and where you should invest to get the greatest bang for your buck.] Words: 785

So says Larry Edelson ( in edited excerpts from his original article*.

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Edelson goes on to say, in part:

Nearly $4 trillion of money printed by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and the Bank of England money is sloshing around the global banking system. It was designed to bail out the commercial banks, which it did, but it’s still in their coffers because loan demand is still soft. When they do start lending, however, all that money is likely to run rampant through the global economy.

[All the central banks]…are largely following Ben Bernanke’s lead…in the belief that when the time comes, they can reel excess liquidity back in, and prevent it from running rampant through the global economy, thereby snuffing out the next inflation surge but, in my opinion, there’s no way the central bankers are going to be able to reel that money back in, for two chief reasons:

  1. Once the banks start to see an increase in loan demand…they’re going to use it to make a slew of new loans — which is how banks make most of their profits.
  2. Also, believe it or not, the central banks don’t understand interest rates. They think that they can raise rates at the appropriate time and that higher rates will quell loan demand, thereby pulling liquidity out of the system. That might be true in a more normal economy, but in today’s economy, it’s totally backward. Because rates are so low to begin with that, as rates rise, it will likely have the opposite impact: investors and consumers will begin to realize that rates are going up and they are then going to want to buy more, borrow more and invest more.

The above means that the $4 trillion the central banks printed will run like crazy through the global economy, pushing up overall price levels.

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[In fact,], forget reeling in the $4 trillion the central banks have already printed, they are about to print a heck of a lot more! There’s no question that’s coming. Just look at what’s happening.

  • Britain is now officially back in a recession.
  • France’s economy is slumping.
  • Spain’s economy is toast, in a depression.
  • Portugal’s economy is collapsing again.
  • Even Germany’s economy is starting to slow.
  • Japan started another round of quantitative easing printing another $68 billion.
  • In the U.S. where we will have miserable unemployment, where it appears real estate is softening again, and where we have elections in just six months, the status quo in Washington will do just about anything to keep their jobs, including putting pressure on the Fed to print more money.

Bottom Line:

There’s no question in my mind that:

  1. another inflationary surge will start no later than September.
  2. the sectors that will be impacted the most will be commodities, tangible assets and natural resources.
  3. the best way to protect the value of your money and make some of the biggest profits you’ll ever see in your lifetime will be to invest in the natural resource sector.


When this next phase begins, it will be a doozy. The price rises we will see in commodities — and in inflation — will be the biggest yet. In the 1970s, the Fed only printed one-sixth as much money as it has in the past four years. Today, however, you have access to specialized investment vehicles designed to deliver far-greater profits than anything that was available in the ‘70s; vehicles that could hand you truly massive profits on every $1 move in gold, silver, oil and other tangible assets!

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