Tuesday , 26 September 2023

It’s the Economy, Stupid! It’s the Only Hope for Real Change

…[It seems to me that at least 95% of the population doesn’t] care about meaningful change as long asits the economy stupid ‘their’ personal economy is positive. The economic conditions of each person (largely) determines their perspective on issues. Human nature is selfish and personal and meaningful change only happens when the general economy suffers significantly.

The comments above and below are from the original article, written by Donald Swenson of  kingdomecon.wordpress.com, which has been edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) to a limited degree by munKNEE.com to give a faster and easier read.

…If our country or the world is to experience any meaningful change then the general global economy would need to deteriorate significantly. Until that happens (which is likely at some point) I don’t think that people (in general) will have any interest in discussing our core underlying problems.

  • When I bring up the issue of debt I mostly get shrugs of ‘so what’. Debt can continue forever say many.
  • When I bring up the issue of Food Stamps (EBT cards) many claim this is a good solution for avoiding soup lines.
  • When I bring up the corrupt Federal Reserve system and Central Banking control many see this as good as the economy has benefited. Why change the status quo as it is working!

…Until a new cycle of collapse occurs (such as in Venezuela) I don’t think human nature (Americans or foreigners) will desire to talk seriously about our problems. This, to me, is shameful as it reveals the self-centeredness of people and their general lack of concern as long as their personal economy is positive. Take away their ‘security blanket’ (their digits within their savings accounts) and the response will change immediately. Now the issues will be important and the underlying ‘problems’ will become meaningful.

What a lesson in understanding human nature I have received in recent years. The economy is ‘central’ to most emotions!

  • The economy is central to how people respond to issues and problems. Mass killings could occur and the vast majority would ignore the reasons for this behavior. Blame the perpetrator without digging deeper into the reasons why. All behavior results from a ‘reason’. The killer in D.C. had his reasons for his behavior. He is now dead so we will not discover these underlying reasons but a 66-year-old senior committed this crime and I bet there are millions more with similar personalities waiting to explode.

Human nature acts from underlying ‘reasons’ and the economy is often at the core of most issues. Everyone ignores problems when the economy is strong and positive but when a meaningful downturn develops watch out for a real change in human emotions and tone.

Today, our economy is viewed as strong and positive (so say the media and the establishment). Underlying problems are ignored by most Americans and foreigners as a result. This is unfortunate as these underlying problems are continually getting much more dire. The entire economic system could become another Venezuela at some point soon. In Venezuela the stock market is booming but the people are suffering and the system is collapsing yet the elites in charge mostly ignore all this as they themselves are the well-heeled. Just kill the complainers and protesters so the well-heeled can continue with their crimes. That seems to be the mantra of our elite. Shame on the informed and the pundits who continue to promote more corruption with their support of this mantra!

Are events going to change so as to bring this global Ponzi financial system down? I do sense that this is developing gradually and relentlessly but I also discern that:

  • our corrupt Central Bank elites will try to prevent this from happening to the best of their ability,
  • bubble markets will continue,
  • mass killings by select individuals who are suffering from this corrupted system will continue,
  • polarization and division is occurring gradually and relentlessly IMO.

The system is the problem and few comprehend this issue [and, unfortunately,] few desire to comprehend this issue [so] we will see no meaningful change until the economy turns down significantly. Watch and wait is all we can do for now!

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