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How the Euro Crisis Affects 12 Asian Economies + Australia

If you invest or trade in the equity markets, this is an article you ought to take the time to read and think about. It presents the perceived strengths and weaknesses of China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, seven other Asian countries, and Australia in an informative interactive graphic.

A hat tip to Ian R. Campbell ( for bringing this article to my attention thereby giving (Your Key to Making Money!) and (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds) the opportunity to provide a link to the article for the 4-5,000 who visit the site each day.  

The graphic provides data for each of the 13 countries (from here) on:

1.a) highest exports to European Union countries as a % of GDP

  1. Hong Kong: 19%
  2. Singapore: 15%
  3. Vietnam: 13%
  4. Malaysia: 9%
  5. Thailand: 7%
  6. Taiwan: 7%

b) lowest exports to EU as a % of GDP

  1. Australia: 1.4%
  2. Japan: 1.6%
  3. Indonesia: 2.4%
  4. Philippines: 2.9%
  5. India: 3.1%
  6. China: 4.9%
  7. South Korea: 5%

2. a) highest European bank claims as a % of GDP

  1. Hong Kong: 151%
  2. Singapore: 71%
  3. Malaysia: 20%
  4. Australia: 18%
  5. Taiwan 16%
  6. South Korea: 13%
  7. Vietnam: 9%

b) lowest European bank claims as a % of GDP

  1. China: 3.5%
  2. Indonesia: 4.9%
  3. Thailand: 6.5%
  4. Japan: 6.9%
  5. Philippines: 7.1%

3. a) highest foreign exchange reserves as a % of GDP

  1. Hong Kong: 118%
  2. Singapore: 94%
  3. Taiwan: 83%
  4. Thailand: 49%
  5. China: 45%
  6. Malaysia: 44%

b) lowest foreign exchange reserves as a % of GDP

  1. Australia: 2.6%
  2. Indonesia: 13%
  3. Vietnam: 14%
  4. India: 16%
  5. Japan: 21%
  6. South Korea: 28%
  7. Philippines: 30%

4. gross government debt estimates (see here).

You can read the commentary and conclusions drawn from the above statistics in the original article as posted on The Wall Street Journal blog here.

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