Sunday , 19 May 2024

Hold On! It's Far Too Early to Sell Your Gold and Silver

Right now, I believe we’re at a period not unlike early 1975. Then, as it is now, the uptrend is still intact – and gold is still above the 65 week moving average:

There is nothing special about the 65 week moving average, but as you can see from both the 1970-1980 chart and from the modern chart:

  • buying gold when it’s at or under the 65 week moving average is a pretty good strategy for averaging in. Typically, buying under that moving average will give you the best price you’ll get within a year so if you’re waiting for another time to buy then your day might come and
  • if you’re looking for the exits, [however,] then my personal belief is that you’re a bit premature – and that if you sell out of your gold (and silver) positions [now] you will regret it.


Be patient. Be diligent – and have a plan for your investments.

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