Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Here’s Another Clue to Future Direction of S&P 500 (+2K Views)

Heard about the “Fiscal Cliff” lately?  How many times have you heard it mentioned in the last few hours? Is the media coverage about the “Fiscal Cliff” causing investors to look or focus in the wrong direction for clues to the market’s next significiant move?

So asks Chris Kimble (http://blog.kimblechartingsolutions.com) in edited excerpts from his original post* entitled Listen to the hype surrounding the “Fiscal Cliff” or the message coming from ole Doc Copper?

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Kimble goes on to say, in part:

Copper has been a pretty accurate indicator to the overall direction of the S&P 500 for the past few years as the chart below so clearly illustrates.  Each time Copper has hit support line (1) in the chart above, the 500 has been at or near a key low as well.


Keep your eye on this support line in Copper, as the odds are high that the message Copper sends is much better indicator about the future of the markets, than the hype around the cliff!


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