Sunday , 16 June 2024

GATA's Douglas Makes a Case for $56,000 Gold and $936 Silver

“An unbelieveable 133 economists, academics, analysts and financial writers have stated, with sound reasons in their opinions, why gold could quite possibly go to a parabolic top of at least $2,500 an ounce – to even as much as an unimaginable $15,000 – before the bubble finally pops! In fact, the majority (90) maintain that $5,000 or more for gold is likely.”

So says Lorimer Wilson ( in an article in which he identifies all the economists, academics, analysts and financial writers by name with their specific projections and provides the URLs to their articles which give some substance to their predictions. You can read his article here.

Wilson also wrote an article (here) in which he said:
“Given silver’s historical price relationship with gold we are looking at an extreme case scenario of a future parabolic top of perhaps as much as $714 per ounce for silver.”

Nowhere on either Wilson’s list of 105 prognosticators or in his analyses of the implications of the historic relationship of silver to gold did he convey what this video has to say on the subject.

The video is very enlightening and worth your time to listen to.

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